Friday, January 21, 2011

Second Week.

Week two has been just as busy as the first one.
We have been to the Drive In, Movies, swimming  playing games and DD2 has done plenty of sewing.

Sunday at the Beach.
DH setting up while we went in to swim.

005 The GC had fun building not a sand castle but   THIS!!!

033            036
How cute is that!
Then in for a swim to wash off the sand.

 Swimming lessons.
015          008

GS2 practicing to float. Click on photo to enlarge.
OOPS!!  See his feet. The wave got him. LOL.

DD2’s last  UFO and the BABY QUILT she cut out, pieced and then quilted. 

009      I think we have another Quilter in the making here too.

006       Well Done!!!

Oh I did make  SOMETHING.

A “  MUG RUG “ for one of our swimming ladies.

The family left this morning and it is very quiet around here. I will have to get into the sewing room and organise a project for tonights FNSI to keep me busy.


  1. good to see another quilter in the making..........

    the holiday looks good..........

  2. Lots of gorgeous projects here - your mug rug is beautiful. Love the bright baby quilt.

    Enjoy sewing - I'm playing along tonight too.

  3. Just love the fabric in the mug rug - do you know the name of it and the manufacturer - or is it ages old??
    Its hard not to get hooked on patchwork & quilting isnt it??

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed your family's visit! Good job on all the projects being finished. Just LoVe the fabric in the mug rug... very suitable for swimmers!! :)

  5. i LOVE LOVE that mugrug! i miss the beach....

  6. Yeah....we all love to welcome a new quilter!!!!

    It looks and sounds like you had a blast with them there.

    I love Bananagrams, but have not heard of Pairs of Pears. I will have to check that one out.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Oh I just love seeing a young one that wants to quilt!!! Beautiful goodies!

  8. The figgy pudding stitchery is darling. Congratulations on the great finish by your young quilter!

  9. I don't know what made me smile the most - the mug rug, the "see his feet" or the sand creature. What a fun packed family visit. How great to see a talented youngster and such an awesome quilt - well done!

  10. What a wonderful time you all had! I'm glad you have pictures for our memories. I love the mug rug, and the new quilter.

  11. Well Mum, it does look like we did heaps.Thanks for letting me take over your sewing room. I have started my first stichery and am about half through. Will be keeping on with my years resolution to "finish off all UFO's" and only buying things needed to do so. Love you much DD2

  12. looks like you had the best time ever!!! and that beach - just gorgeous

  13. Trying to float in the ocean is not easy, so well done feet and all. I also like the mugrug material. Happy to see that all the family were having a good time.

  14. I love the photos of the wonderful timed with your family. I know everyone enjoyed it tremendously. Isn't it quiet when they go home? I can hardly stand that quiet time.

    How do you do a FNS?

    Hugs - Marie

  15. Congratulations to the young quilter!!! I like the mug rug and all the things you do. I hope that the latests storms didn't affect you, picture on top in the blog is scary!!



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