Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some of my UFOs

This year I would REALLY like to empty these


So I have joined Dawn and Wendy at” Sew It's Finished “ and hopefully I will turn my unfinished projects into FINISHES

I am also signing up with Peg and Kris at  OPAM at the end of the month.


       A secret I can only show you later but it is important I get it done soon.

004 (2)

Postage Stamp Quilt

002 (2)    Cotton Reels.         

008 (2)       QAYG Blocks for charity Quilts. An on going project.
My “Brutus” Blocks 

006 (2)                 005

Two quilts and
blocks .

001 (3)

Made the Mug Blocks four years ago. Turned them into placemats but never finished the last two.


     Oh! this is a Mug Rug that was to be a Christmas gift.

This is my list for now, will add more if I finish some of the above.

As the last two are the smallest UFO’s I will tackle them now.


  1. Maria we are all the have some nice looking UFO's there...but not for long I am sure...

  2. Lots of pretty Ufo's Maria! Now you have a plan of attack! Happy sewing!

  3. Your UFO's are all so lovely!
    I don't dare start any new projects!

  4. I felt the same way Maria so I also joined a group to help spur me along! Good Luck in yours! :)

  5. Best of luck emptying your bins. You certainly have some wonderful project to work on. I especially love the teapot fabric.

  6. Maria, please make all your lovely ufos quickly done, they can`t longer sleep in their boxes :-)

    Happy sewing


  7. Not to worry, Maria! I've found my fabrics and projects to be very patient creatures!! LOL :-)

  8. What lovely bins and ever so pretty projects inside!
    Hope you reach your goals and enjoy the process.

  9. You're so pruductive, Maria, and I know that you will make a huge dent in the list.

  10. Best way to start is to make a list... so you're off to the best start lol. Alot of pretty UFO's and with the help of the group I hope lots of them become FO's this year - looking forward to following your progress and cheering you along.

  11. You may have UFO's but so organised. At least you know where to find them. Mine well!!!! You have spurred me on and I am going to join that blog. Hopefully it will keep me enthused. Just think when they are all finished you will have some lovely projects. Good Luck

  12. Interesting UFOs, and they will be gorgeous once you are finished. You do get a lot accomplished, so I think you will see some finishes very soon.

  13. I just found the mug mat tutorial from The Chocolate Cat's blog. I have material waiting. While I was rumaging I came across some chenile that I would like to use in a baby's quilt. The list goes on. I will look forward to seeing your finished pieces.

  14. Hello Maria,

    You will be ticking those of your list in no time at all. By the end of the year you will just have a sewing room full ofempty boxes!Happy sewing.

  15. Lots of UFOS to do. I have one to complete, and will do that. Good luck with yours!

  16. I am with you on this. I am determined this year to finish some things. Go to my blog and click on the Christmas throught the year with Allie. That is gonna help me too!

  17. Love the organised boxes idea... well to empty them..LOL
    Hugs Dawn x x x


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