Friday, May 7, 2010

Out for the Day.

We were lucky to have a glorious Autumn day    
for our planned walk with our exercise group.
Eighteen ladies climbed into cars and we went          
to a spot called Devlin Pool.
On arrival we donned our hats made sure we all had  a water bottle and off we went over the bridge.

Along the winding track we went. Up the hill.What are you looking at ???

WOW !!!  Beautiful views.

Onward and upward I went. I could hear the ladies chatting behind me. Then a voice called "Stop, we are going back now"   So I turned and followed.
                     There they are. Slowly I caught up with the group.
When we reached the bridge again it was really nice to just lean on the rail and look at the water.
Into the cars again and off to Bentwood Olive Grove for lunch. There sat nestled amongst the Beautiful trees and gardens. We were served the most scrumptious lunch. I had chicken souffle, lemon tart with cream and a cappuccino. After we had finished we decided our group could change our name from " Building Better Bones" to "Building Better Bellies"  Had a great day. Thank You Ladies.                     


  1. Good for you! I love your group. At least you didn't try to skinny dip!


  2. Sounds like a swell time and exercise too!!! Hum-m-m wonder if I can talk Big Sister into walking the beautiful gorge we have here??????? Little Sister.

  3. It sounds and looks like such fun. I love all of the matching shirts!!!! The scenery was gorgeous.

  4. What abeautiful day! How fun to spend it with good friends and food.

  5. Good on you for getting out in this glorious weather we have been having..What a view!
    Julia ♥

  6. No--Little sister I will not walk the gorge--at least not today!!!
    Hi Maria--sounded like a fun day--but it also was alot more energy than I had today--so good for you--way to go--
    Hugs, the real quiltingisblissful--
    Hugs, Di

  7. Wow lovely photos! Blogging makes the world look so small!


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