Saturday, May 8, 2010

Out again!

Today was our monthly luncheon of the Red Hatters Group.We met at the cafe' by the sea. We were small in number but enjoyed each others company and the views while eating our meal.


I am the second from the right !
Do you like our View?
Afterwards I went for a long walk to the point. Wanted to make the most of our beautiful sunny weather as it will be winter soon enough.


  1. It's sounds like so much fun! Such lovely hats and that view is wonderful!

  2. I wish I lived by the sea! It's my favorite place to be, and I don't get there nearly enough. Keep those pictures coming!

  3. A couple of lovely days out and about for you - what a life!
    I'm jealous of all of that sunshine.
    Ab x

  4. the view is stunning and so is that woman in the red hat....oh, it's you!


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