Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Loot !!!!!

I was very pleased with myself and managed to only buy a few things.

Some nice FQ's

Lovely stitcheries with the cutest clay buttons
And was thrilled with my ric rac and ribbon.
Could have bought the whole store.

After putting all the things back in my bag I realised my little purse with my stash money was missing. We looked everywhere and turned everything inside out but NO the purse and the $100 was GONE!!

So we decided  that we would go back to the craft show again in the morning and ask if anyone had handed in my little purse. With no name on it just my $100 inside!!!!

With the bill paid and the car packed we drove down to the Convention Centre. Found a park  and went  inside to the counter marked " Enquires"
I explained to the young lady about me loosing my little purse. "And what colour was it " she said etc.

I am sure you could have knocked me over with a feather when she handed me my  LITTLE PURSE  and with my $100 inside. I was sad when she told me the kind person who had handed it in did not leave their name. I would have loved to have thanked them personally.

There are still lots of nice folk!!!


  1. What a great story. Lovely to have one's faith in human nature confirmed. Course it was a CRAFT show filled with crafters.

    Love the fabrics and ric-rac!

  2. LOVE hearing that there are still good honest people in the world!

  3. Oh I love stories like this. There are good people in the world. She was probably a blogger!!

  4. Isn't it reassuring when something like that actually happens? Too bad you did not get the name.

    It looks like the show was wonderful. Some of those quilt photos are incredible.

  5. Lovely story such a good your purchases.

  6. Love a happy ending. And you sure wouldn't want to lose money that you could be spending on more goodies!

  7. How lovely Maria, it's nice to think there are still some honest people about..restores my faith in people!
    love your fabrics..
    Julia ♥

  8. That's the second story like this I've heard this week - the world is full of honest people. Sounds like a lovely trip to the Craft Show. Our quilt show is in 3 weeks.

  9. Happy you and happy us for the opportunity to read your story. Now you could wrote a book about the little purse and its travels. Liked your purchases.

  10. Oh how lovely
    It is so nice to know there are still some honest people about
    Bet you were thrilled to get your little purse back

  11. Oh thank goodness it was a kind person who found your little purse & turned it in! Yay! My fav of your purchases is all that lovely ric rac! Seems like everything I make these days has a touch of that pretty trim on it!

  12. Glad you found both your purse and a wonderfully honest person -- but aren't all quilters just wonderful people?


  13. I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful time at the craft show, the fabrics are really nice.
    I was not visiting blogs in a while, but I want to do it from now on again.

  14. I am so glad someone was kind and thoughtful....It does happen....
    I love the ric rack...oh those colors!!!!

  15. Always wonderful to know there are still good samaritans in the world. Love the rick rack.

  16. You were god and the fabrics are just gorgeous! Have fun sewing them!

    They are still good people around! Lucky you!

    Have a great day or night! :)

  17. I meant to say you were good! :)

  18. That was lucky !!!
    love your fabrics and ric rac , your little purse looks beautiful 1


  19. WOW--it was your lucky day--but generally people are good---it's just we don't hear about the good often enough--am happy that you got your money back and love all your goodies--especially all that colorful rick rack--again lucky you!!!
    Hugs, Di

  20. Hello Maria, I just LOVE your ric-rac purchases. So good to hear that your purse was handed back in. Your heart must have been beating fast for a while!!!! Now Maria you must write your name inside that lovely/lucky bag.
    Three cheers for the person/persons who handed in the purse. Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Love all your goodies Maria ... and how wonderful that your purse got handed in :o)!!! Doesn't that just give us all faith that there are still lovely honest people in the world ;o).
    Joy :o)

  22. Hello Maria, enjoyed seeing your bundle or ribbons and ric rac...wonderful you received your purse back and money intact...Warm Regards, Lyn


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