Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Been busy on the Block.

After our Quilt Show Hubby went off for a 10 day bloke's trip and you'd think I'd have a chance to kick back and relax NO I find I enjoy hooking up our flatbed trailer onto the quad and do some cleaning up on the block. 


I did a couple of loads each day. Before hubby left, he trimmed branches off the gums which I also picked up. I know you think I'm weird, but I enjoy this job.😊 

There was a pot plant on the patio that was really overgrown I wanted to separate; it was a tricky job because I didn't want to break the lovely pot. 

You can see why it was so hard to get out. The plant has now been repotted into this pot and into two others to give away.

I also got the chance to revarnish Hubby's outside chair,

and repurpose some old curtains into new cushion covers.....

would you believe Hubby didn't even notice when he got home!

BUT it wasn't all work and no play. I did enjoy listening to some lovely audio books while doing  sewing.

there are 15 of Josephines audio books and I now only have one more to listen to . 
I have shed many tears as I listen to her stories, I do reamend them.

When I had finished making Chain Links there were loads of scraps and as it's Tilda fabric decided I had to sew these tiny bits together. 


I think they'll make a couple of placemats and pot holders...

1 3/3" X 3" 

Some Aussie Hero Blocks for Sept.. 

and my take on this month's RSC "I Spy" block .As well as some secret sewing....

Thanks for hanging in till the end but I 

Must away now and organise some dinner....

Happy Stitching.

Hugs  Maria.


  1. I’m glad you are happy doing the gardening,. Love the revamped cushions and your little bit of sewing.

  2. Havent you been a busy little bee!

  3. So no resting up for you! but doing jobs that need doing and enjoying them is as good as a rest..... love your little tilda mini - those fabrics do look gorgeous all together....

  4. Goodness, you have been busy! All rewarding stuff and you enjoyed it which is great. xx

  5. You certainly achieved a lot both in and out of the sewing room in that time.

  6. Wow, you had a very productive time while he was away!

  7. what a great spring freshen up in the garden and yard.
    lovely blocks and great use of your tilda scraps.

  8. You had a busy time while hubby was away, the garden always looks so much better for a clean up. The books sound good and you are making great blocks Maria, good to use up those beautiful scraps.


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