Monday, February 28, 2022

Busy week and OPAM finishes.

It's been a crazy busy week as Hubby's been away and I like to get some jobs done without interruptions.....So I went into town and bought paint to redo the verandah. 

I had cleared everything out the way even " Horrible Horus" 

Sadly I walked too close to those barbs 

and he attacked me..... Ouch!!!

Why is it when you do one job it leads to others. 

I scrubbed all the black blinds and took all the outdoor chairs on the lawn and washed them while the cushion covers were in the washing machine...
Covers dried and back on, just need to stitch them. 
in the evenings I was cutting fabric for the Wedding Ring Quilt and getting organised and packed ready for our Stay at Home Retreat which started last Friday evening. 

getting the two curves to meet was tricky but got this done before going home for the night...

Over the weekend I made three rings before putting it aside to work on an easier project.

It was so good to just sit and sew while chatting with all the ladies an having all our meals made for us... 
was the perfect end to a busy week.....

The lovely KRIS from Tag-a-long Teddies is organising us again for 
OPAM this year. It's not to late to join in . just click on the above link .

Here are my finishes for February..
1... Urban Owls

and the set of place mats and coasters for the caravan...

Thinking of you all at this difficult time , keep safe and well....

Hugs Maria ❤


  1. Oh, Maria! That cactus really got you good. But you were still very busy and productive in spite of it. I just love your Urban Owls quilt and your wedding ring blocks are pretty.

  2. Oh my--I do believe your cactus has his own private space around it and it doesn't like anyone to come into that space!!!!
    LOve your wedding ring you are doing--nice fabric's too--I do believe the wedding ring design is all the 'rage' right now--maybe I should think about attempting to do one!!
    and your finishes are really neat--
    Nice outside projects you got done too--
    hugs, di

  3. Oh dear, Hirrible Horrace really got you good! You've got great finishes for February, well do e.

  4. Your rings look great. You had some fantastic finishes for the month.
    Ouch! That looks sore.

  5. I hope your leg is ok. It does look sore. Love the wedding rings, they look lovely. Great finishes. Hugs, xx

  6. OUCH, Maria! That looks so painful too. What a big job that was for you to tackle! I’m sure it feels good to have it done. I LOVE the Wedding Ring blocks. I did a baby quilt years ago using that pattern and had many challenges with it. Your Urban Owls is beautiful. Great job on your finishes!

  7. Ouch ..... big job done though and I hope the leg is not sore...those barbs can be sharp. love how wedding ring is coming together and well done with wonderful finishes...

  8. I know all about one job leading to others that weren't on your todo list! But it's a great feeling when it's done. And THANKYOU so much for my bookmark. Now I need to find a good book to read and use it.

  9. You have been in the wars lately...between the pins and cactus - not good. It is amazing how much we can achieve when left on our own. Wedding ring is looking gorgeous.

  10. Ouch, Maria!

    You have achieved a lot despite the cactus attack. The retreat sounds great.

  11. Blimey! You did get stuck into the jobs. That cactus attack looks nasty. Your wedding ring quilt will be beautiful, but a lot of work. No wonder you needed a bit of a rest from it.

  12. Funny how some jobs re best achieved without "helpers"
    Ouch re the cactus!

    Three rings is a great start - no wonder you switched to another project!

  13. WoW...lots done on your own... ouch about Horace though.
    See you Friday night for some more ME time...xox

  14. My goodness you have been buys, Horace is not friendly at all!! Great finishes and your wedding ring blocks are beautiful.

  15. Ouch! Horus is certainly horribe! Your wedding rings are looking beautiful. Great finishes for February, especially your Urban Owls quilt Maria. xxx

  16. Horrible Horus is right! I hope your leg heals fast. Your Caravan quilt is gorgeous. I really like your place mats and coasters too. Thanks for the warning about the difficulty of wedding rings. I haven't been quilting too long so I will stay away from them! LOL! Yours are very pretty!

  17. Ouch! I used to like to do chores when Hubby was away, too. Sometimes it's just nice not to have to work around them. Good on you for tackling a Wedding Ring. I've never been brave enough for that!!

  18. the cactus sure did get hold of you........bugger.........the wedding ring is something I have looked at but never tried and I do love urban owls.......


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