Sunday, January 2, 2022

Good start to 2022

 with a ZOOM  meeting organised by Chooky . ladies for all over Australia , Canada, US, NZ, Germany and Norway sewed along and chatted ..... 

I joined in for an hour before going for my morning dip and cut out the cherries for the Row by Row I'm working on.

Last night on Instagram I saw that Fiona was sewing her left over HST together  , I sent her a photo of a box I had and that I would be binning them... But then Fiona challenged me to make something from them. So when I returned to the ZOOM met. 

I spent hours ironing .cutting and sewing only to end up with a small pile of 1 1/2" and 2" squares... 

Not even enough to do anything with really so 

sorry Fiona BUT if no one wants these HST they are defiantly going in the bin....I'm willing to send anywhere in Aussie.

I then picked up one of the blocks I'm crocheting around for awhile, got bored with it and 

so I started this cute pincushion Turtle ....

the pattern is in Anni Downs book  The Simple Life

Thank you Chooky and all the ladies for a lovely day ....

Must away and make a cuppa..

Take care and keep safe,

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. well.. lots of variety for your first day of 2022 x lol .. hope someone wants the little blocks x

  2. Oh my--some lovely blue birds there on that branch--I am going to do Quilt Doodles bom this year as it has birds and is applique--I need an applique project!! Got a nice pile of squares there to put into a quilt--and what a handsome turtle you are constructing--
    so Happy New Years and have fun--

  3. Was great to see you on zoom.......
    Hmmmm do you've made a decision regarding HST....... Lol ...
    Can't wait to see the turtle they are so cute

  4. Was great to catch up with you again! What a pain my comments aren't going to bloggers emails :( As for the HST's ...... well they may just be what's needed to add to those blocks I showed from years back that I'm trying to work out what to do with but don't have enough made up ...... What size are they?

  5. Great to sew with you again. Wish i could've stayed on longer but GS came to stay the night. :). I had to chuckle when i saw your hst's. I never save my leftover bits, they go in the bin as i cut them off. Someone may take up you off of them. Look forward to seeing your turtle. Hugs, xx

  6. Just don't show me a picture of them in the bin!!!!!!! hahaha.... so so sad!! Not really - Sometimes it is better to chuck as we go then the little bits don't cause any pain or guilt!

  7. It was lovely catching up with you via the screen yesterday. Pretty blue birds and cherries.

  8. I think the HST's could go to Fiona, don't you?? Was lovely to see you yesterday and catch up. The turtle looks great.

  9. Sometimes scraps and leftovers talk to us, and sometimes they don't.
    It was good to see you in Zoom. Your applique looks great.

  10. Your blue birds are lovely. I agree with Sue. You should send Fiona your hst's! I love my turtle that you made for me many years ago. xx

  11. Happy New Year Maria! It was great to start the year off seeing you on zoom...after all that effort with the half square triangles, oh well someone out there might find them that turtle, I have that book and one of these days, looking forward to seeing it come together...

  12. Great to catch you early on zoom, those little blocks are so cute

  13. I would totally take those hst's if I lived in Aussie. Alas, too far and too expensive to ship. Get rid of them, and move on to something else. Life is too short!!

  14. Your row by row applique' is beautiful. The turtle is a cute project!

  15. perfect little cherries! i am impressed....yes zoom was fun indeed

  16. Ooh I do love row by row quilts so much! It will be so fun. The birdies are lovely.

  17. It was good to see other like minded ladies stitching together....cute row by row design....I love the turtle pincushion.....


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