Saturday, May 15, 2021

Some Catching up

 Can't believe it's three weeks since The Patchwork Clubs 25th birthday and I hadn't posted our special cake,

and in this photo in the back row are three original members and the two in the forefront are out Youngest ladies, Edith left 80?? and Val 93.. Both ladies still do beautiful work...

While I was busy sewing "Carnival" the machine was making a funny noise. I keep sewing instead of stopping to check why ??  There was a big mess underneath so some unpicking was done....

Then when I got home and lifted my box of projects etc out of the car the lid slipped off...

Not the best end to my day !!!!

I've slowly worked on painting the eaves and they are nearly done.

In the sewing department I made and posted some Aussie Hero Blocks .. 

Also finished putting "Carnival" together , sewed around top and bottom to hold all the seams 

got backing and wadding cut for it as well as for "Quilt by Numbers" that you can see HERE.

Ready to take to the quilters in Mingnew this morning...

As it's a 106 kms round trip my friend Jean joined me as there's a Bakery there that makes delicious cakes....

Liked the sign above a bowl for the dogs water...

Must away now and organise some dinner....

Happy Stitching and stay safe...

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. My machine used to have that annoying habit of making loops on the underside, but I had a little part installed where the top thread is lifted up, and now it works perfectly. Picking up everything we drop keeps us fit! With age we seem to need and get that exercise more often.

  2. Congratulations to your group on 25 years! The cake looks great.

  3. 25 years! how exciting. and you have been a busy bee!

  4. what a wonderful cake for your birthday celebrations.........25years of your group is pretty special......

  5. What a lovely cake.... and well done to your members - wonderful having the club.... yes, we have to listen to our machines... they do complain... almost 2 more lovely finishes....

  6. Love the cake.....too special to cut into. There is nothing like a country bakery...we always check them out on our travels.

  7. What an amazing cake! And lovely picture of happy ladies. How annoying to drop all your stuff - I can imagine a few choice words. xx

  8. Love love love that quilty cake! Someone is pretty talented!
    Great photo of the stacked quilt tops and wadding ready to go to quilting.

  9. I love that cute cake! Very clever work by someone. It’s nice to have seasoned quilters still stitching and motivating us. Your Aussie hearts are lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing Carnival finished. I hope there was nothing fragile in that bin. So frustrating to drop it all.

  10. Ain't that the way - one thing goes awry and everything else follows. Good to have some company on your road trip - though i thought you did all your quilts...LOL

    The cake looks great....its almost a shame to cut it.

  11. Our local group celebrated 25 years in april, so they must have commenced about the same time

  12. What a gorgeous birthday cake. How annoying was your machine. And having everything fall out of your box. Looks like you have been keeping busy Maria. xx


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