Friday, April 9, 2021

Quiet Easter....

 As we were having a quiet Easter Weekend I decided to make a " Quilt by Numbers" quilt top that Helen Mac was making on Facebook .... A quick and easy top......I dug through my stash and found the required 14 fabrics , cut into strips joined and sewed them together...

sewed strips together ready to cut and sew into the rows.....

After sewing fours rows together I realised there wouldn't be enough of some of the fabrics because I hadn't read the instructions right, I cut strips at 5 1/2" instead of 5" GRRRRR!!!!!! Boy that did make a big difference....

So I put in a substitute fabric but didn't like it but as I had bought the aqua with flowers well over a year ago at our local Craft Shop and this is all that's left

thought I'd JUST try to go to the shop with my tiny piece and ask ?????????  How lucky was I . There was a small pack in a box selling half price in a sale that Kym had just sorted ....


so I unpicked the blocks , cut and put in the right fabric ... Also I joined all the small pieces of fabrics from the blocks I was sort of to make the right amount of blocks .

so finally after lots of joins all the rows were sewn together in the flimsy 

So much for a quick easy Bargallo.......

Now to find the right size backing and get it sandwiched and quilted...

Tonight I'm joining in with Cheryll for FnwFs and I've chosen a pattern from Toni's " Happy Quilts Book " which will also be my WOOFA  challenge ....

Must away to trace out the pieces......

Happy stitching and stay safe.

Hugs  Maria ❤ 


  1. That was a lucky find! The end result looks good, even if it wasn't as quick and easy as expected.

  2. a lovely finished top, sorry it was more trouble than you expected

  3. The quilt looks great...... Glad you found the piece you want wanted.....

  4. That sounds complicated, unpicking and adding extra fabric, rather you than me!

  5. oh so lucky to get the right fabric! the quilt top looks great.... enjoy your applique


  6. Lucky find...and I love that dog quilt too...xox

  7. Lucky to get some extra fabric - and a tad fiddly to get it all done - but good job...its a very effective result and (normally) an fairly easy project.

  8. Still a lovely finish Maria. Beautiful fabrics!

  9. Glad you were able to find the fabric, great finish, but sad about the unpicking

  10. Wow! That was a lucky find! It looks really nice too as a finished top.

  11. Lucky you!! It turned out great.

  12. Measure twice, cut once - but they ought to say read the instructions carefully before even measuring! Too bad you had to do so much extra work, good that you found more of that pretty fabric, and the result is really lovely.

  13. Your quilt top looks great, so good you found the fabric you needed.

  14. Lucky the shop still had your fabric and all worked out in the end! It looks fantastic!


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