Wednesday, March 31, 2021

OPAM for March 2021

 It's the end of the third month of the year already and time to post our finishes for OPAM organised by the lovely KRIS who keeps us on track to have at least one finish each month.....

As it's Easter this coming weekend I make these to give to our Bobbing ladies when we GTG for Hot Cross Buns on Thursday....

The Paper Dolls ( which were my WOOFA challenge last month) is finished 

Fiona from BubzRugz and I had a small swap of an "Autumn" Mini ..You can see what Fiona sent me HERE

This is what I sent her. I enjoyed making and receiving the minis..

Hmmm!!! Who's the silly girl who  washed the rubber backed caravan curtains in the machine -

of course they stuck together so off to see if I could get some fabric to closely match to make some new ones ..

Not the exact fabric but close enough so now there are four new curtains made for the van

I must away to do some blog reading to see what others have done for March..
Happy Stitching,
Hugs  Maria ❤ 


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Everything looks wonderful, but I particularly love the bunnies. Too cute!

  2. Oh Maria. I am making new curtains for our bus too. Similar fabrics... what are the bunnies. Bags? Pin cushions?

  3. what’s inside your sweet little bunnies? Cute idea! I love the paper doll finish. It’s so cheery. Nice job on the new curtains too. I suppose you are excited to see autumn arrive. The mini is a beautiful way of heralding it in.

  4. I love the little bunnies and I bet there is jelly beans and chocolate in them!!!
    And your paper doll quilt came out sooo cute--nice job!!
    Sorry about the curtains--I can do those kinds of things--so you are not alone--
    nice replacement ones--
    luv, di

  5. Oh dear, those caravan curtains! Love your little Easter decorations for your friends, so cute. And the paper dolls quilt is just lovely.

  6. I love your little bunnies, and the quilt(?) that they're sitting on. I guess you're all ready for Easter!

  7. Cute bunny bags and I love the paper doll quilt. Is it for someone "special" in your life? Nice work on the curtains.

  8. How cute are those little bunnies for the bobbing girls.... just gorgeous and I love your Paper Dolls version..... I do love my mini (though at the moment it has been replaced by my Easter one from you) well done on the curtain fix... not well done on the cleaning job!!
    Have a lovely Easter.....

  9. It looks like your sewjo has returned. The girls will have loved their bunny bags. Paper dolls turned out beautifully. What a pain about your curtains but you seem to have made some nice replacements.

  10. Love the bunnies for the bobbing girls, thye are very cute. Paper dolls is gorgeous, bad luck with the curtains, but they new ones look wonderful.

  11. Love the little bunnies. Drat about the curtains - maybe it was time for new ones anyway??

  12. Am trying to catch up on blog reading, it seems to get away from me easily lately, Those bunnies are just so cute, and I would have washed the curtains in the machine, lovely Paper Dolls quilt, you have been busy.

  13. Oh goodness how I love that paper doll quilt! ADORABLE! I played with paper dolls more than real dolls growing up!
    I am certain your Bobbing Ladies enjoyed the cute bunnies you made.


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