Wednesday, June 17, 2020

What I'm doing and FNSI sign up for June....

I can't seem to settle on one project at the moment, there is a quilt I sandwiched and pinned two weeks ago waiting to be quilted, not sure how ??

then there is my No 11 UFO challenge for Sunday Stitchers I need to do by Sunday.......

I even put a few stitches in a
"Cross Stitch " that's been a UFO for years..........

but then when I saw some QAYG blocks on Susan's Blog this morning so I went into the Cave and started cutting up wadding ( before I even commented on the post. have done now. ) ready to sew some blocks, there are 19 made so need at 16 more to send to Jan Mac to make up a quilt...

I always put down a sheet of newspaper on my board before cutting the wadding and then you don't get fluff stuck in the board.....

sew today I've sewn some QAYG blocks....

As it will be the third Friday of the month this week don't forget to sign up at Wendy's  for FNSI. It's always great to sew along with our virtual friends and catch up with them to see what they worked on....

wonder which project I'll work on??

Okay must away and pop on the kettle for a cuppa....

Happy stitching and stay safe...

Hugs  Maria ❤


  1. Your QAYG blocks will be good. I love doing string quilts, but usually stitch to vilene, and then layer with wadding and backing. You are doing well working on so many projects.

  2. That's a great tip when you cut the wadding. Mmmm will have to try it...

  3. I've been jumping around a lot too. your newspaper tip is brilliant! thanks

  4. it can be hard to pick just one project - best finish off the QAYG blocks on Friday - I'll be binding I think..ready for Sunday.

  5. I usually work on different projects and have them spread all over my sewing room, kitchen, where ever I am. don’t worry, you’ll eventually get it done.

  6. Good work on the string bocks. Thanks for the newspaper tip.

  7. Jumping around from project to project... I do that too.... lovely ones on the way.... I hadn't tried that newspaper.... I now have one old mat that I use just for wadding since I do so much with trimming quilts...

  8. I also stitch my string blocks onto thin vylene instead of batting, but of course when they are made for Jan Mac she would appreciate Kate them being made QAYG. What size do you make the squares? We all seem to have heaps of strips lying around.

  9. I think it's GReaT having so many choices...
    see you on Saturday to see which project you decided on... xox

  10. How good is it to have lots to choose from? You have some great projects on the go there Maria. Love the string blocks.

  11. Great idea to put newspaper down to cut batting.
    I will be anxious to see how you quilt the top pictured quilt!

  12. Settling on one project is difficult for me too. They get so boring! 😂 Your QAYG blocks will be a fun leader/ender project. Do you find the newspaper dulls your blade quicker? I know they always say to not cut paper with your scissors. Your cross stitch is beautiful.

  13. Those QAYG blocks are a great way of giving. And anyway, if you dont know which project to work on - start a new one! I shall be there on Friday. xx

  14. Thank you for the great newspaper tip!

  15. I've been jumping around al lot from project to project, too! I can't wait to try the newspaper trick. I hate when my batting gets stuck in/on my cutting mat. I hope you work on the cross stitch some more. I like what I'm seeing so far!


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