Saturday, December 7, 2019

Last FnwFs for 2019...

I was trying to post this morning before my dip but for some reason my photos just wouldn't download... Thankfully internet is being better tonight....

 Even though Cheryll is often travelling all over the world she still gathers us together each month for our SAL.. with friends from near and far......

Yesterday I had a very early start as I had two quilts that I HAD to post to Jan over in Victoria to donate ..

This one only needed the binding attached...

then I finished the quilting on this one and bound it...

Both completed and in the post......

and in the evening I trimmed the first clue of  Bonnie Hunter's Mystery " Frolic " 

and cut and made clue two.....

Didn't take long as I'm only doing a quarter size first......

then some Secret Sewing....

Huge Thank You Cheryll and look forward to our FnwFs  again next year...

Must away now and see what others did HERE.....

Happy Stitching

Hugs  Maria  😊


  1. Pretty donation quilts. Exciting to see how the mystery quilts will look when finished.

  2. Those are two delightful quilts that you finished and posted off to new homes--
    and a nice start to the Bonnie H one--love those bright colors--
    luv, di

  3. Two lovely donation quilts, well done!

  4. Two lovely donations, and good progress on the mystery. You might want to check the measurements on part 2 though. Your pieces look like they might be wider than they need to be.

  5. Wow, Maria the quilts are fabulous and will be wonderful for Peter Mac. I'm frantically trying to finish a few more to deliver so I will wait until yours arrive. Thank you so much xx

  6. Wonderful quilts Maria, well done on donating them, they will bring much joy. Looking forward to your mystery quilt developing.

  7. Beautiful quilts you have sent in the post and well done with the start of the mystery quilt.... so much secret stuff happening...

  8. Well done on being on track with the mystery.

  9. A nice productive time. I especially love the colours of 'frolic'! xx

  10. You are so productive Maria! Well done on the two completions and what fabulous donations - two people are going to be very happy to receive those quilts. Great idea to do a quarter sized mystery - they always look like so much fun but such a lot of sewing!

  11. Your two finishes look like great fun, I'm sure they will be appreciated and much loved.

  12. Nice quilt finishes, Maria. I didn't know you were doing Frolic. I wish all the clues would be easy like the last two weeks. ;-)


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