Sunday, August 4, 2019

Special Visitors and SnwFs August 2019

I didn't do any sewing for FnwFs with Cheryll and ladies as we had some very special visitors...
It was Jo from ButterZ , ( She's been mine blogging friend for many years ) her hubby Tony and brother Graham.... They live on the other side of Aussie so it was sooooooooooo great to meet them...
We enjoyed a lovely evening chatting and getting to know each other sew no stitching got done....

 In the morning after breakfast it was time for our visitors to hit the road again on their way to Darwin....
It was wonderful to spend time with Jo as well as her hubby and brother....

                                          Bye my Friends and safe travels.. XXX

Jo gave me a magic bag and a pattern sew I can make one myself...

When opened it has a little pocket in the left hand corner.

Then you tuck in the fabric pull the zipper all the way round and you have a different shaped bag with a square bottom.. Magic.....

Thank you Jo...
 Last Thursday I had started making some place mats  from a Jelly Roll so this afternoon I decided to go into the Cave and join in with my friends from the Northern Hemisphere for their FnwFs ... 

I managed to get 5 completely finished

Have to sew the binding for another 3 but that will be another day...

Thank you Cheryll for organising our monthly sewing night.
You can pop over HERE to see what others have worked on....

Must away now as it's time to get ready for bed.....

Happy Stitching..

Hugs  Maria 😊


  1. How nice to finally meet in person. Lovely bright placemats.

  2. How lovely to meet up with Jo and her hubby, bet you had lots to talk about. Jo is also my blogging friend too, just like you, Maria.

  3. Wonderful to meet up with Jo and her men!! Alwqys great to meet a blogger in person. That is a great bag to have. Love your placemats, bright and cheerful.

  4. How nice that Jo and her bikie men came for a visit
    I have met Jo too
    Interesting bag

  5. Hi Maria lovely to catch up with friends and i do love those place mats,hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  6. Sew nice to catch up with friends!!! Love your fabrics, so bright. It's amazing when you meet up with blogger friends. xx

  7. Oh wow what a great weekend you had - isn't it great meeting bloggy friends!! And you managed to squeeze some sewing in too, your placemats look really good :-)

  8. The world is getting smaller all the time. I met Jo when she was travelling through my part of the world, too!

  9. How lovely to meet up with your friend and what a great bag. Nice work on the placemats. xx

  10. How fun to meet a bloggy friend. And to come so far on a motorcycle!!! Wow. Love the picture of the two of you. I've never heard of a magic bag. that looks quite interesting. I have a stack of place mats that need to be quilted. Maybe in the next day or two? I was starting on them but my machine was being obstinate, so I just quit. Maybe it's rested up now and will cooperate.

  11. Hooray for finished projects!

  12. Since I'm from the Northern Hemisphere, I absolutely enjoyed sewing with you! Lovely placements. If I make it to Australia, I'll be sure to hook up with you too! Lol!

  13. That was a lovely way to spend a night... with a friend.
    Great sewing projects worked on over the weekend as well... xox

  14. how wonderful to meet a blogging friend! I dream that one day you and I will meet too. Love your happy placemats

  15. How wonderful to have a visit from Jo. One day I'm going to come visit you too! Your place mats are lovely and bright. xxx

  16. You look like you two could be sisters! How nice it is that you had a chance to visit in person. That is such an interesting little bag. I know you will have fun stitching one of those.


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