Friday, January 25, 2019

The week that Was.........

Last Saturday one of our bobbing ladies had a birthday and we went to the "Green Beanie"  ( a vintage caravan done up as a coffee van ) after our dip for a cuppa and cake...


Helen was the birthday girl, lady centre in blue with no hat...
and Merle baked the cake , front left , showing lots of leg....

I worked all week on "Sunday Stitchers" No 10 challenge .....


  Lots of quilting and the grey background was weird stretchy fabric... 

but I had fun and I was pleased I got the quilt finished even though I did this..


Used a metal skewer as a tool and it slipped and went through the top of my thumb.....thankfully it looks worse than it was and has healed quickly and I got no blood on the quilt,

Thank you ladies for letting me join in your UFO challenge as it's kept me motivated . Hope I can keep it up !!!!

Last Sunday a new No was drawn for "Sunday Stitchers".....   No 8 

On list list it's my " Pinata" Blocks......

Wonder how many I can get done ???????

Over the Christmas/ New Year break I took home some homework for " Days For Girls " 

and have managed to work on these shields.....

Hopefully I can complete them before our first meeting on first Tuesday in Feb.......

Must away as the washing machine is calling......

Happy Stitching 
Hugz Maria  😄


  1. Love your #10 - good luck with #8!!!

  2. Fantastic work on your UF0..10..look forward to seeing the progress on number 8..

  3. Hi Maria wow i love your quilt ,those animals are so very cute,how lovely you get to go swimming or bobbing with your friends,lol.
    Looking forward to seeing your progress on no 8 xx

  4. I had to smile when I read about your skewer accident: "no blood on the quilt"! Well, that is lucky indeed. I hope the finger heals well.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful, Maria. The birthday cake looks yummy. Hope your thumb heals quickly. Glad you didn't get any blood on the quilt. xxx

  6. that looks a great way to celebrate a birthday. I love your quilt - it really is lovely...
    ouch.... your thumb looks very sore....

  7. OUCH!!! That sounds like something I would do. Glad to read that it wasn't as bad as it looks.

    Your birthday celebration looks like such fun. Parties like that make getting older worth it.

    LOVE your quilty finish. That is super cute. The Pinata quilt is on my bucket list. I loved it the first time you showed it. It would make a great leader/ender project.

  8. Some great work.. hope your thumb has healed well

  9. Hope the washer was telling you that it had washed and cleaned some clothes for you!!!
    and neat job on the cute quilt--(and don't you hate it when your fingers get in the way--how dare them!!!!)
    luv, di

  10. Yikes! I hurt just looking at it. But I see it didn't slow you down, as your quilt is fantastic! You did such a nice job on that quilting!

  11. Ouch that looks painful. The quilt looks fabulous. hugs,xx

  12. That is an impressive birthday cake!

    Congratulations on your lovely quilt finish. I hope your finger is feeling better.

  13. Ouch! That must have really hurt! I know I've commented on your quilt before, but I'll say again that it is awesome! You should be very proud of it.

  14. The Green Beanie - what a great name. I love your finished quilt - is it Forest Friends, or a name something like that? And an Oh Dear from me for your wound, looks nasty. Pleased to read that you say it's not as bad as it looks.

  15. your quilt is so darling! but your thumb..... OUCH!

  16. Your finished quilt looks great. Hope your thumb mends quickly.

  17. Good to hear your thumb is on the mend, that would have hurt!! Your quilting looks wonderful despite the strange stretchy fabric. Lovely outing with your friends. Good luck with the next challenge on the list.

  18. Awesome No.10 Maria! It's beautiful. Ouch your poor finger. I love how main concern after....Will I live?....phew NO blood on the quilt! Spoken like a true quilter lol! I hope it healed well. Enjoy No.8.Happy birthday to your friend xx

  19. That quilt is just beautiful Maria! Love it! Oh, your poor finger, glad it wasn't worse!!! xx


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