Wednesday, October 31, 2018

OPAM for October

I've been having trouble with both my iPhone and laptop so I'm posting on my iPad. Not my favourite thing to do but I hope it works....

At the workshop last Saturday we made a Mongo Bag . Was nice to have mine complete for this months OPAM . Big thanks to Peg and Kris for making sure I have afinish. ( sorry Peg and Kris , don't know how to do links on iPad 😢)

And the other big finish for this month was my " On Ringo Lake" 

Not the best post but at least I was able to post my two finishes 😬
Well must away and get some sleep😴

Happy Stitching 

Hugz Maria 😘


  1. love that new bag=how cute-
    and what a pretty Ringo Lake quilt--
    good finishes this month--
    enjoy, di

  2. Two beautiful finishes, love the bag and the quilt.

  3. That bag is beautiful and nice quilt
    Nice finishes for you Technology can be so stressful For me anyway

  4. wonderful finishes! I hope you get your technology up and running soon

  5. Your bag looks great... a good size and would hold a nice number of fat quarters I'd say.... I do love ringo lake...

  6. I like the funny shape of your new bag. The quilt looks great!

  7. I do like your bag and On Ringo Lake looks glorious! Two splendid finishes Maria. xx

  8. Your quilt & bag are beautiful. Nice finishes for October too... xox

  9. Happy dancing with you over On Ringo Lake. That quilt was quite involved!

  10. On RINGO Lake is great. Your bag is pretty. Love the idea of the pocket. If you need some iPad help, email me. I do all mine on the iPad

  11. Your Ringo Lake turned out beautifully. Way to finish it before the new one starts!!! Are you doing this years too?

    Love that bag too. It looks so practical and pretty.

  12. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..


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