Saturday, October 6, 2018

FnwFs and Stay at Home Retreat.

I  was lucky enough on Friday evening to not only sew along with my virtual friends for FnwFs but also the ladies from Patch for our Stay at Home Retreat weekend.

Didn't work on any of the projects in the previous post but took along two different ones...

This one

a great pattern By "Cluck Cluck Sew".....

At the end of this month our Patch group is doing a "Mondo Bag " Workshop.
we needed to pre -cut 192 = 2 1/2 " squares and sew into 4 patches. I'm doing mine as a leader and ender while doing the blocks for the quilt.

Thanks to Cheryll for organising our little group for another fun night of stitching. I'll visit you all over the next few days HERE.

All the ladies have busy working on many different projects ....

Helen sewed the last of the binding on this amazing Table Runner.

Yvonne's working on a One Block wonder table cloth.

Avery is making a Splendid Sampler Block.

Jan's doing a quilt for her son...

Jenny's making a "Shaggy Quilt"

Linda's doing blocks for a Christmas Quilt'

Mary's blocks for a Japanese one

There are some ladies projects I didn't get to photograph but you can see how busy we are.
Hope to do another post on the retreat later..

Must away now and get ready for bed. Another day of sewing tomorrow.  😍

Happy Stitching.

Hugz Maria 😘


  1. I cant remember when I last went to a retreat, your one looked fun. There were some amazing projects, loved the table runner and the Japanese project.

  2. Some lovely projects in the making there
    Looks like you are all being very productive in your stay at home retreat
    That table runner of your friends looks amazing

  3. Love your quilt Maria. Lots of beautiful quilty inspiration from your friends x

  4. All the projects are wonderful... but I especially like Simplify... xox

  5. Looks like a productive weekend so far!

    My group has a stay-at-home retreat next weekend. Will have to get something sorted out to do myself.

  6. Sounds like everyone was kept busy. The Mondo bag is a great pattern

  7. Looks like a very productive weekend. I love the Cluck Cluck Sew pattern! x

  8. LOVE all the color combinations in those projects. So much work, I fear if I got with a group there would be more talking and probably wine drinking than stitching, lol.

  9. I love that new project of yours Maria..... and lots of lovely things the other ladies are working on... so inspirational - I want to do them all!!


  10. Wow...lots of wonderful projects there....

  11. busy busy - loving it all!! love cluck cluck too.

  12. How did you possibly get anything done while you were checking out everyone else's beautiful work? But that's one of my favorite parts of retreat. Mine is in about 3 weeks!!!! Starting to get excited, and I'm planning my projects.

  13. sew many wonderful projects!

  14. Nice work Maria and great projects that your friends are working on. xx

  15. What an inspiring place to be for the weekend - gorgeous projects! Your Simplify quilt is going to be stunning - I like the bold fabrics/colours you are using. Also love the fabrics you are using for the 4-patches for yur bag workshop.

  16. Love the new quilt you are working on and the coli8urs you are using. Lots of beautiful projects the ladies are working on.

  17. It looks like everyone had a very productive weekend. Looking forward to seeing your bag.

  18. Those 4-patch blocks are really cute. It's fun to see what everyone is working on.

  19. That table runner is amazing! I love seeing all the projects people are working on! xx


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