Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pets on Quilts 2018

I enjoy reading the posts for "Pets on Quilts" sew decided I'd join in this year....

Thank you Snoodles for all the background work setting "Pets on Quilts" up and organising all the great sponsors.

Like all pets our "Lacy"is happy to get on my quilt and pose ...

She also loves to go on the Quad to the beach with hubby,

go swimming,

and after a long day go to bed and snuggle under her quilts with Ottis her teddy.

or when I'm busy in The Cave join Hubby for a snooze on my chair.

I even find her under the quilt in The Cave if I leave for a cuppa.....

                                      Lacy's a much loved and spoilt Jack Russell....

Do pop over and visit Snoodles at Lily Pad Quilting to see other posts and vote on August 20TH.. thank you.

Well I must away for a wonder along the beach..

Happy Stitching

Hugz Maria XX


  1. Lucy is very happy to be around you both x My 2 are like shadows .. sometimes it drives me mad .. but I love them too x

  2. Very cute photos, we also have a Jack Russell "Pippa" they are such a fun dog.....

  3. Good to see your quilts being used

  4. Aren't pets just the most wonderful companions? I love the way Lacy burrows under the quilts.

  5. Great picturs of a very adventurous pup. Love the one of the ride to the beach. Hugs. Susie & Treacle xx

  6. Love the photos with Lacy on the quilts
    So much a part of the family

  7. Lacy is quite a character.... some lovely pictures of her...

  8. It's a dog's life!!!! Lacy really knows how to get comfortable.

  9. Hi Maria lovely post my friend,Lucy is loved very much,going over to vote for her now xx

  10. Oh Lacy is just gorgeous! I love that she has a teddy to cuddle as well xxx

  11. I always love to see what your darling dog is doing Maria... dogs are funny the way they just tag along with their owners, very much part of the family.
    Lacy does look so cute on the quadbike there!

  12. What lovely pictures of Lacy - I love that she enjoys snuggling under your blankets x

  13. What a sweet pooch! And she has great taste in her sleeping spots.

  14. Such sweet pictures of Lacy! Thank you for joining our party this year!
    Snoodles at the Lilypad

  15. You look very cute sitting there on Maria's quilt, Lacy. Molly and Rex send woofy hugs. xx