Monday, August 13, 2018

It's that time

of the month to join the Lovely Wendy for FNSI ...

Perfect timing for me as I was cleaning up The Cave and found a long forgotten project I'm going to work on

These guys have been hanging around in this box in pieces for a few years.......

and may even do another page of My Small World.....

Love sewing along with you all on these Friday nights sew pop over HERE to sign up for a fun night of crafting..

Well must away as it's nearly midnight and go to bed...

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria XX


  1. like you--the other day I was going through my box of 'ufo's' and thought wow--were did all these ufo's come from???? I was so sure that I was working steadily on them and that there wouldn't be many left--Surprise!!!
    will be fun to see you finish what in the box??? I will be watching!!!
    enjoy, di

  2. Lately, if I run across a UFO while I'm digging for something, I drag it out and try to finish it. The UFO list is shrinking, but the Wanna Do list continues to grow. Looks like you found some fun projects!!

  3. haha.... hmmmm I might have found a few things I'd forgotten about when cleaning up! haha...

  4. I am really enjoying the progress on Small World. It is going to be a fun quilt.

  5. Oh yes, look and you will find! Lovely projects to look forward to. I loved seeing Lacy's day too.

  6. Oh those sneaky ufo projects....wherever do they hide! Yours is a cute project Maria. I best not forget to sign up xx

  7. Lovely projects to work on. I look forward to seeing your progress x


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