Monday, April 2, 2018

Crazy Easter Weekend......

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend ... As I live in a small tourist/crayfishing/retirement town it is always very busy over the Easter weekend with lots of tourists....

Saturday there is a Big Easter Markets in the morning and our Patch group always Raffle a quilt there and monies raised go to a charity.. I just wasn't organised and didn't get any photos.

In the afternoon the horse races are on but for me it was time to go home relax and sew....

I put the first eight blocks of    Lynette Anderson's Seaside Town BOM    together.

and traced the next block...

For Easter Sunday the Community Resource Center  ( with lots of help from many ) organise a Monster Easter Hunt starting in the Town Park..

This year my DD1 come up to look after her GC, Miss 7 and Miss 5 while their Mum ( my GD )was in hospital. Sew my GDIL come with Master 4 and Master 15mths to join in for the hunt....

Nice to have all four Great Grandies together....

With hand bands on we are ready to set off .

 Off we go !!

Down by the river

                                                            Hunting for the tokens....

THEN ! Miss 5 went missing........Panic ! calling her and then it was off in all directions looking for her......  After nearly an hour Miss 5 was finally discovered. Thankfully two lovely ladies keep her with them till my GDIL caught up with her...

Here is a map we were to follow and I have marked it with an X were Miss 5 went missing and then found, about 3 kms away around the other side of the river.....

Miss 5 followed people along the river over the bridge along the other side of the river past the Monastery ( where I do Patch ) and through to the new estate.

Once we all reunited and rested it was off back into town , adults tired and relieved and Miss 5 none the worst for her ordeal.....

Back over the Troll bridge ,

                                  See the river on the left . One of the reasons we were so worried....

Finally back to the Gazebo at the Town Park to hand in the tokens and collect their Easter goodies. All children received the same.

Happy cousins !!!!! and after enjoying a Sausage in a bun, drink and some fruit it was off home.

Sew today Great Oma needed to relax and I sewed the 3rd block of  FatCat Patterns Christmas Gnomes.

Happy Stitching.

Hugz  Maria XX


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend.
    Omg so glad she was found and unscathed...

  2. how wonderful to have the great grands all together but oh what a scare! so glad she is safe. Hope your GD is doing ok, she is in my prayers.

  3. I'd need to rest tooo--so glad a couple ladies found her and kept her safe for you--
    and glad you had so many family members to help celebrate the holiday with--
    I thought about doing the gnome quilt top--but didn't--but I really like how yours is coming along!!
    enjoy, di

  4. My goodness, you must have been so worried. Glad you found her safe.
    Your BOMs are looking lovely.

  5. Such a shock to have your little grand daughter go missing like that, and so relieved she was found safe and sound.

  6. What a scare! So glad the little one was found without any mishap. Other than that, it looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Oh dear. Glad the little one was found safe & sound. The hunt looks like it was a fun time despite the worry. Love your projects. Hugs,xx

  8. OMGoodness. You must have been a real panic when you were separated. That is an awful feeling, but glad it all worked out. Hope GD is home and doing well. Love your little gnome block.

  9. Oh how scary that must have been! Thank goodness all turned out well! I love your seaside quilt. Holidays are definitely annoying for residents in seaside DD used to have the same experience on the Sunshine Coast x

  10. oh gosh Maria, I can only imagine what a fright you got..... so good other people were around....

  11. Both your projects are coming along nicely. I love the Lynette Anderson one. Other than the scary hiccup in the middle the Easter hunt sounded like fun. I’m glad all turned out well.

  12. A bit more excitement than you'd planned ... So pleased the wayward grandy was found safe & sound & lovely that you had some time with the grandies over Easter. Bear hugs! KRIS xx

  13. What an Easter weekend you had!

  14. That must have been scary! But she probably couldn't understand why you might be upset - after all, she knew where she was. Glad you all had a fun time in the end.

  15. Oh my goodness that must have been scary! Thankfully she was well taken care of. Sounds like other than the extra adventure that the Easter hunt was fun. I've never heard of one like it. You do such a nice job of keeping up with the BOM. I haven't even started or decided on fabrics yet lol.

  16. Your BOM looks great. It looks like you've had a great weekend - even with the slight scare! I'm glad she got found safely x

  17. Oh wow, your heart must have been in your mouth when your littlie was missing! Glad she was ok.
    Well done on your Seaside Town progress

  18. Oh my goodness, that would have been pleased you found her safe and well - but omg 3 kms away!! Apart from that it seems like it was a great weekend - and I love how your Seaside Town and Christmas blocks are looking.

  19. Oh my, that must have been quite a scare...Thank goodness she was found safe and sound... love the Seaside Town and your Christmas block - you are an "Oma"? From German or Dutch descent? xx


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