Monday, April 30, 2018

Busy week and OPAM for April

The past week Iv'e been busy helping with different projects. 
Each year our town holds "The Biggest Morning Tea" to raise money for the Cancer Council.  A great group of ladies organise it. My friend Jenny and I 's job is to visit the local businesses to get orders for plates of morning tea for $5 which we will delivered on the day...

Also I've joined in to sew for " Days for Girls" .. Please click on the link to see the great work that's happening through this organisation...

These are the shields I've sewn .  

Wednesday after the parade and service for ANZAC Day  it was time to sew-a-long at  The Empty Bobbin  doing blocks for the Homeless Quilts Project.

Thursday was sewing at Patch and I 'm still working On Ringo Lake.  I feel like there is no end to that Mystery Quilt !!!!!

Fridays I'm off to Building Better Bones , Saturday was a 5th birthday party for my Great Grandson. 
And of course I still go for my morning bob while weather permits.... 

Sew I'm happy to have finished my "Holly Christmas Cottage " quilt  for OPAM

You can see my other finishes HERE  .... Thank you to both Peg and Kris for keeping us on track each month.....

Happy Stitching..

Hugz  Maria XX


  1. Hi Maria wow i love your holly cottage it has turned out beautifully,love it. yes i must get to and make some of those pads,they are a great idea,hope you have a wonderful week my friend xx

  2. you are a busy gal! fifth birthday? already? wow

  3. That WAS a busy week! I swear, you accomplish more in a week than I might in a month!

  4. Oh my goodness you have been a busy busy girl! Enjoy!

  5. Love the finish on the Christmas quilt--and what a busy fun filled week with all those projects and friends working together for good charities!!
    enjoy, di

  6. wow...awesome quilt..well done gorgeous girl

  7. what a crazy busy week!!! haha... you must need weekends to recover! I love your Holly Cottage quilt... the borders are just perfect


  8. It sounds like you are keeping out of trouble with all of your busyness!! lol I love your Holly Cottage finish. The colors are so pretty.

    Your pads and blocks are nice donations too. Great idea.

    Yes, Ringo Lake is definitely a long term project, but you will love it.

    Happy belated birthday to the big boy.

    How much longer will you be able to bob before it gets too chilly?

  9. Holly Christmas Cottage is beautiful!! And what a great project those shields are. Not something I would have ever thought of. Keep on stitchin'.....

  10. My goodness, you are a busy person, aren't you! So kind of you to do all that charity sewing. Love your Christmas quilt.

  11. hope there is the occasional .. sit-down-and-breath moment in there xx

  12. It's lovely to see your gorgeous AHCC quilt here too :-) You are very busy with all your charitable sewing - good on you diverting so much energy to help so many others. Your community seems to be a really strong one. I can't believe your great GS has turned 5 already - it doesn't seem that long ago that you were telling us that he had arrived!

  13. Oh I just love your Holly Jolly Christmas all finished!! I really need to get mine out and stop starting new things!!! Lovely to be joining in on Days for girls - it's a great cause xx

  14. Wow so much on the go, love your quilt.

  15. Hi Maria... oh I do so love your Holly Cottage Christmas, it's just gorgeous, I'm so pleased for you.

  16. You've been very busy. Your Christmas quilt is very pretty. I like the subdued look without a bunch of bright red and green everywhere.


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