Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Catching up

When I tidied the cupboard I found a few projects I'd forgotten about...

(See the marks on the door?
They are the measurements of the Grandies each time they visited...)

Remember this one Ellyn?
It only needed to be sandwiched and quilted.  All done now.

Also a cross stitch I started some 15 years ago..

I love doing cross stitch but I'm sew slow...

Will leave it out and just do a little at a time...

Still working on Bonnie's "On Ringo Lake" ..   Have been joining the pieces into blocks but look what I did !!!

Some reverse sewing needed.. Grrr!!  The one on the left is the wrong way...

This is a Mystery Medallion I joined on FB  ( sorry Chooky )

We did the center the first month and the ribbon row was this months...

Must away now and shift the sprinkler....

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria  :)


  1. The cabinet looks so tidy now!! We kept a board with the children's height too, but I love the idea of the grandchildren.

    I sort of like the wrong way RL block. I did that on one of mine too.

    The cross stitching is so relaxing, but like you, I am slow too. Though I do enjoy it.

    Your Mystery Medallion looks great. Pretty colors.

  2. Oh Dear--what a pretty cupboard now--so nice and neat--!! and look at all those lovely projects, some finished, and some to be worked on---so you won't have time to get into too much trouble for a while==right???
    enjoy, di

  3. look at you go! wow, how many years ago ddi I design that silly embroidery? must go back and look. yours looks terrific

  4. Love your quilt. Very cute. Your tidy cupboard looks great. The myetery quilt blocks look beautiful as does the FB mystery. Hugs,xx

  5. Well done on your lovely neat cupboard:) it is a lovely feeling seeing everything all neat and tidy! How wonderful to find those lovely surprises hiding away. Set yourself a target of 20 or so stitches a day on the cross stitch and you will get it finished:)

  6. Enjoyed seeing what you have been upto Maria

  7. LOL! That's the problem with cleaning and organizing. There are always extra little projects tucked away that you had forgotten. But just look at the progress you're making!

  8. That's a very detailed cross stitch - cant rush those things! unpicking cross stitching is a real pain. Love the idea of the grandies measurements in the cupboard - at least you can keep the door if you remodel/revamp or move....
    Your Mystery medallion has given me an idea for something I need to do . . .Thanks

  9. A very neat cupboard, those naughty projects hiding in there... lol
    We all get to do a bit of reverse sewing from time to time....

  10. Amazing how those projects hide away lol! Some lovely work happening at your place Maria. Great finish x

  11. Lots of lovely work and I love the colours for your pieces. :)

  12. Hhhmmmm my dislike of the darkdside is known ..... Lol

  13. Oh wow, that cross stitch is so detailed Maria... good luck!
    Bugger about the block pieces not in the right spot, don't you hate that?!

  14. The cross stitch project is huge and looks lovely, good luck with it. Either block could be right, very understandable error. Congratulations on the very tidy cupboard!

  15. That cross-stitch piece looks like a very long-term project!

  16. Its amazing what one finds in the cupboard... How fun having the measurements on the door... we did that with our children and it was hard not to knock out the door jam when we left....

  17. I love finding projects I forgot about - until I realise they are then added to my to do list! A lovely idea to have measurements on the door x

  18. You certainly have enough to keep you going for a minute or two. Have fun.


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