Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I'm Joining in

                                          the "Pincushion Parade"  with Ida ..


It's a fun parade to join in and Ida has lots of lovely prizes too. Pop on over HERE to join in...   Hope to see lots of interesting "Pincushions"

It's the  "First Friday of the month" again this week sew it's time for FnwFs ... I'm sure Cheryll  will have the link up soon sew we can all join in.... Love my Friday night sewing with my virtual friends.....

I had planned to do some painting today but it's raining sew I'll just have to spend the day in "The Cave" and stitch...

Hugz Maria :)


  1. Rain and sewing just go together. Enjoy your time.

  2. Oh, wonderful! I'll be joining in on both counts - will head over to check out the pincushion details

  3. I always look forward to the Pincushion Parade. I'm glad you'll be showing your pincushions too.

  4. FNwF link is now up ... so I look forward to your company once again.
    Love the idea of a pin cushion parade... will go check it out... xox

  5. So glad you have things planned. Shame about the rain but good about the sewing

  6. Hope you got lots done...see you Friday night


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