Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trip to Perth and OPAM

Last week I went to the Big Smoke . On the drive down there was road works sew there was a lot of loose gravel on the verges. As a truck passed me it through up a stone and "Charlie" was wounded...Grrrr!

DD and I enjoyed shopping as there was a fabric store that had a Sale ..I only purchased some nice backing fabrics that had 30% off but DD come home with much more...

On Saturday we went to the Craft Fair to meet up Anthea from Hibiscus Stitches . First we enjoyed a coffee while catching up and it was lovely to have Loni from Fireflies and Cats in my Garden and her hubby Mark join us too.

Love what the bar-roster did. A swan. Very clever.

I only purchased some rotary blades , Monofil and some applique paper...

You can pop over to Anthea's Blog and see some lovely quilts as I didn't take any photos...

Even though I have been busy this month working on different project I only managed one finish for OPAM.... thanks to Kris and Peg

My Foxes....

Love the Stripey Binding

and the backing...

I was hoping to also finish my Candle Mat but didn't find the right buttons yet even after hunting in different places in Perth...

Enjoy stitching...

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. hey one finish is better than no finishes--right--lovely quilt, too--
    I know what you mean about buttons--sometimes I find some neat ones--
    other times nothing!!!
    keep hunting--that is always the fun part--the hunt!
    enjoy the moments, di

  2. I love your foxes so much! Glad you had a fun trip

  3. Looks like you had a great trip to the Big Smoke. And it's always nice to meet up with other bloggers too.

  4. Oh my i'm in love. Your fox quilt is just beautiful. Glad you trip went well despite Charlie being wounded. Hugs,xx

  5. Scary when your windscreen is hit. Glad you still were able to go and have fun and meet the girls. I just love those cute foxes! Sorry you couldn't find the buttons you wanted...the candle mat looks great too xx

  6. What a finish Maria! I just love, love your fox quilt. I bet that rock gave you such a scare. Lucky it's not like the old days when the windscreen would have shattered into a thousand pieces. How lovely to catch up with Anthea. xx

  7. Boo...I hate those thrown up rocks on the windows. I just LOVE that fox quilt. It turned out so cute.

  8. Love your foxy quilt - sorry to hear about the car....
    One wouldn't think that green buttons would be that hard to find . . .

  9. What sort of buttons are you after.. size and colour. Send an email next to a coin and I'll see if I can help. What do you use the mono poly for. On top or in bobbin. I have some but haven't really used it. Not sure where to...

  10. It's always great to spend time with family. I love your fox quilt.

  11. Hi Maria i absolutely love your fox quilt,great buying and i love Michelle's candle mat,well done my friend xx

  12. The foxes are so cute!! I love the fabrics you bought. The circles are great.

  13. Maria, your quilts are beautiful and I love the Foxes quilt.

  14. That fox quilt is just the cutest. Love the stripy binding. What a great day catching up with friends.

  15. Love the quilt. So vibrant..the borders really set it off!

  16. Love your foxy quilt Mum.
    The backing works so well.
    Loved having you down for crafty fun xxxoooo

  17. What a cute finish. You were very restrained at the craft fair.

  18. im glad you had a great time.........very well behaved on the sewing front.........


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