Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lots of Photos and FNSI..

Where have the past 12 days gone ???? Each day I plan to sit down and write a post but it just doesn't happen . Sew I'll show some of the things that have keep me busy....

Making "pinwheels" for the Foxy quilt by Toni from Red Boot Company

I've been painting the a small section of the green eves most days....

slowly getting done !! Then I need to attack the yellow....

Went to town last Thursday to have my car serviced and into Spotlight to buy a zip for a secret project..

Don't know how that fabric got into my bag, could have something to do with it being on special. :)  The spot only $4 a miter, Dinosaurs $2 and the Polar Fleece 40% of normal price....

also bought a new bucket to use when I wash


Saturday  the Geraldton Patchwork Ladies invited clubs from surrounding areas for their annual "Mother's Luncheon" ... Was a lovely afternoon with lots of food chatting and show and tell..

Was great to see the groups quilt display and the finished " La Province quilts...." by Bonnie Hunter hanging together.

Monday was a trip to the Vets as poor Lacy ripped her claw chasing the ball...

It's all better now and shes running again but we'er not throwing the ball for awhile.... (too expensive)

I managed to finish the pinwheels and sew them onto the quilt and then I discovered I didn't have enough backing ... Oh No! not another 170 km round trip to Geraldton  so I asked DH would he drive me in. I did buy him a nice coffee and cake.  :)

Foxy Backing.....


Well they were $4 a mtr......

on way home I went to the post office there was a parcel from Craft Depot....

Love stripes for binding and thought the top one will be perfect for my Foxy Quilt and I needed the cotton and pen....

Now if you stayed long enough to read to here don't forget to sign up for our fun night sewing with lovely  Wendy  ...................I'm sure I can find something to sew along with you all....

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria......


  1. Always busy good to hear. Spotlight , can't ever go in for 1 thing haha

  2. you have been busy! love those polka dots, you knew I would! so glad Lacy is healing well, poor thing

  3. You got some great deals on fabrics. Of course they needed to come home with you! Love the fox fabric.

    Painting always eats up so much time, but it will look so nice when you are finished.

    Poor Lacy. She does not look like a happy camper there.

    I like how Charlie's bucket matches. Very nice.

  4. How did you find a bucket to match Charlie? And does he have his own quilt yet? I plan to make a t-shirt quilt soon, and keep it in the car for picnics and such. Your always love your dotty fabric con't you? So happy and cheerful. I saw a remnant of green dots at JoAnn's yesterday and didn't buy it. I think I'll go back today . . .

  5. Love the pinwheel blocks nice and colorful--
    and it is funny how 'other' things end up in our carts-
    but the even funnier thing is how often that is just the 'thing' we need and didn't know it!!!! Love that green bucket and how it matches the car--
    and the poor pup--he needs a hug from his auntie diane--
    enjoy the moments, di

  6. Busy week! Love the pinwheels. And I love your bargains - spots are always so useful and the black and white fabrics would have leapt into my bag too! xx

  7. You have been so busy! The pinwheels are cheerful and the fox fabric is perfect for a foxy quilt.

  8. I had to come back and check out the En Provence hangings. Oh my!!! Gorgeous.

  9. haha... and I happen to know there is more fabric on the way to you!!! its been an excellent month. the foxy backing is perfect isn't it....

  10. Of course you would have to buy that fabric on special. You just never know when you need that piece that you left behind in the shop. What a lovely way to spend the day with like minded ladies. Poor Lacey

  11. You have been busy. Love the foxy fabric. Hugs, xx

  12. So much going on..... All sounds good... Bugger about the extra trip for backing.......

  13. Busy bee - 170 just for your backing - we are lucky here!!! but such a perfect backing for your fox quilt.

  14. PS love the matching bucket

  15. Wow , love your new wheels Maria, they're a great car!
    Love that backing for the Foxy quilt, and stripes are so good for binding... you're always industrious.
    Got any purchases in mind for Saturday?

  16. Lots of wows there. Look at all those Bonnie Hunter quilts. Lovey fabric and fun shopping trip...


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