Friday, February 3, 2017

A Muddy Swimming Hole and FnwFs Again

In my previous post I showed how hot its been. After that there was a cyclone brewing up North sew  it to rained for a few days sew making it was very sticky and humid , still is, yuk.....
When it rains heavy inland it drains into the river which then causes the river month to flood and our swimming hole looks like this.....

Thankfully South Beach isn't affected and we can still have our swim each morning and the bonus is it's near the cafe and we can also have a coffee afterwards.....  

I just can't believe it's the first Friday of Feb already... It only seamed like yesterday it was the beginning of 2017....

I always enjoy sewing along with my virtual friends and it's not too late for you to pop over to Cherlly's over HERE and join in...

Going into my Cave to see what I can work on but first I need to tidy it a little...

Happy Stitching

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. Still a beautiful beach Maria! I'll see you at FNSI.

  2. Amazing how the weather fow on affects the beach.

  3. I hope the storm cooled things down a bit for you! I crocheted in the car yesterday, which is the closest I've come to stitching in the past week I did visit my first and only quilt shop yesterday, does that count for anything? Enjoy that swim and coffee with the girls.

  4. Your weather sounds difficult at the moment - how we would have loved some of your rain here though inspit of the humidity! Good you can still get in your swimming and coffee time!

  5. so lovely to go for a swim in this hot weather...

  6. O NOOOO - back to do those things that I LOVE to see you do! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, I'm jealous! lol

  7. So far behind its 1/2 way thru Feb now the year is flying by......


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