Friday, January 27, 2017

Cooler Day

After two days of over 40 Deg Celsius - 109 .4 Fah...      

      in the car

  Under the Patio...

you can see why I spent most of the past two days locked inside with the Air Con on...
nice to just sit and sew..

I did some more appliqueing on the "Bluebird of Hope " blocks ( shown in previous post.)

and made the first set of  Patchwork QAL Blocks organised by Fat Quarter Shop.

I wasn't going to join another SAL this year but after reading about Jenny's  idea of donating the money for the blocks to our Aussie " Make -A-Wish Foundation" decided that was a great idea...
You can still join in by going over HERE....

Must go out while its cool and do some mowing...

Happy Stitching,

Hugz Maria :)


  1. I love that thermometer. I wish I could find something like that up here. It would be perfect.

  2. You have been doing what I have been doing Maria - hiding from the heat. We have a few over 40 degrees coming this week so there will be some more hiding and creating!

  3. Those temps are a killer!
    Lucky we haven't hit the forties at all so far this summer.
    Lovely blocks to make while supporting a cause.

  4. So hot! Oh my. You’re making me glad it’s winter. :-)

  5. wow! I didn't realize you got that hot over there. stay cool my friend. Love your blocks

  6. Sorry it is so hot there--but you are still steadily moving along-
    love your blocks--I am considering that one--but haven't made any yet--if I do I have to decide between gingham fabric or polka dots--cause I like the one they showed--
    enjoy the moments (in the cool room) di

  7. not that we have had real cool days but another week of 40-44 coming along..........great time to sew in the air con...........

  8. Oh my goodness! Now that's HOT! Thank goodness you could be cool and sew. Love your pretty blocks x

  9. Thank you so much Maria for showing the Far. temp too!!! IF ONLY I could funnel you some of our freezing weather - I think you and I both would be happier!
    Love your pretty blocks and what a wonderful cause to contribute to!

  10. That is pretty warm!!! I'd be searching for cooler spots too. Those are nice blocks for a great cause.

  11. Gosh that's hot Maria.... thank goodness you have the aircon....your little blocks are too cute...

  12. I know what you mean about the has been constant and we are bracing ourselves for the next few days being over 40. You have achieved a lot - I cannot really think sewing which is frustrating me as I have a lot sitting here waiting to be done. Stay cool.

  13. Agree on the heat! Been in the 40s here as well - love your colour selections for those blocks! I'm sitting on the fence with it at the moment - don't want to have too many on the go right at the moment

  14. just had a couple of 40s and now another 8 days 42-44............
    lovely blocks.......

  15. It's been stinking hot everywhere I think - even on the South Coast we've had really high temperatures 24/7. Great that you have aircon.


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