Monday, October 24, 2016

FNSI for October..

I always enjoy sewing along with Wendy and friends for FNSI and this month I was in the big smoke supervising my teenage GC. sew it was spent in DDs Craft Room.. 
It was fun going through her stash while she was away LOL ( hope she didn't mind) and organising fabrics for lots of SS blocks. I am sew far behind with them..

and was pleased to also finish some secret sewing...

Drove home yesterday sew will check out what others have done HERE through the week..
Thank you Wendy for another lovely Friday Night Sew In..

Happy Stitching..

Higz  Maria :)


  1. Hi Maria ,glad you got a chance to sew along with us,glad you are home safe xx

  2. Looking through her stash. Oh my....
    I am so far behind my SS too. Up to block 40 or near there... how terrible.

  3. how fun to dig through adds stash! lucky you

  4. That was a good use of your FNSI evening. Welcome home.

  5. That's good planning when you can join in FNSI and get a lot done without even being home!

  6. I am also working on some secret sewing--
    glad you got some work done--
    love and laughter, di

  7. Aren't beautiful fabrics and dear friends and family such a "Turn ON"!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~smile

  8. Great nights effort always good to get preparations going.

  9. a fresh stash to raid ...that is fun!

  10. Always fun to shop someone else's stash and I am sure your daughter won't mind 😉

  11. Welcome to my stash anytime Mum :-) So that's why it is so neat!!
    Thanks so much for looking after the Squids.
    Love you


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