Saturday, July 30, 2016

A bit of this and that !!!

Just can't seam to settle on finishing a project, as you can see my poor cutting table is in a mess.

I have been working on my "Chateau Hexagon" BOM by Lynette Anderson.

Only two more blocks and then I need to put it together BUT I have misplaced the instructions...  Sew now I am not sure how big I need to cut the pieces for the border ??????

Then when I went into the cupboard looking for fabrics for SS Block 48 I can across a nice pile of fabrics that hopped into my bag when I left DD's home last time I visited... Oh and a tin of HST.....

Sew I've been playing ....

I think these will make a sweet "Quilt of Love"

Not sure what to do with the HST Chevrons ????  It's 14 1/2" square....

Here are the last few SS Blocks...

as you can see I did source fabrics and finish No 48... It's the bottom right one...

Must do a post tomorrow for OPAM as this month has disappeared again......

Going out to do some weeding while the sun is shining....

Hugz  Maria. :)


  1. Love to see the little foxes again. The chevron blues are great.

  2. A mish mash! I'd be overwhelmed with deciding what to do, too! XO

  3. where did this month go? Wonderful collection of blocks you have going there!

  4. Haha... even though there is so much to be done you still manage to find other things to bring home... a true crafter!! Love your blocks... That chevron would make a nice cushion?

  5. Hi Maria,lots of beautiful work there i hope you find the instructions

  6. Love your SS blocks. They are fun fabrics...

  7. The condition of your cutting table is nothing to be embarrassed by. It just shows that a creative genius is at work! I recently acquired some quilt blocks, too, and am trying to figure out a little quilt (or 2) to make with them. There was even backing fabric to go with them.

  8. Well done with the SS blocks, the Circle of Love is perfect and beautiful. The little foxes are so sweet! I hope you will find the missing instructions.

  9. You have some lovely blocks there. Love those chevrons. Hope you settle and finish something son.

  10. Yes, it's hard sometimes to focus, but wow you have a gorgeous selection of projects happening there Maria... you'll get yourself sorted I'm sure!
    Maybe a border around the chevrons would make a good size for another Quilt of Love?
    Have a great week... I need to pull weeds too! xx


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