Friday, April 8, 2016

A Busy Week.

Sunday was spent with these little people,




Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day for all of us to enjoy a picnic at the water park and the kids to enjoy playing.

Went into town to see this....

Fabulous movie......

Also had a visit to the Dentist and in between catching up with my SS blocks....

Scrappy Star


Flying High

Not looking forward to making this one!!!

completed another EPP block

and look what arrived in the post.....

I was one of the lucky winners of the"Neighbourhood House" Blocks. Thank you sew much Irene and Ida for organising the swap this year... Not sure how I will put these blocks together but they will make a lovely quilt.....

Time for bed now, Nigh Nigh.

Hugz  Maria :)


  1. The paper pieced block that you said you where not looking forward is really simple--and you can chain piece each of the 8 sections fairly easily--if I can do it and have it come out right with only a bit of unstitching, I know you can do it--
    love the rest of your work--
    love and laughter, di

  2. you sure have been busy! I can't believe how big the great grands have gotten. And didn't you love Brooklyn? I saw it a couple of weeks ago and loved it

  3. Lovely pics of your GK having fun. Wow your houses look great Maria !

  4. Spending time with your grandchildren is a great way to spend the weekend . Lucky you winning the house blocks, such fun . Your sampler blocks are coming along well , that pp block was a challenge for me .

  5. The water games look like a lot of fun! I wanted to see Brooklyn, but haven't yet. Have fun with those little houses. You're good at building villages.

  6. Beautiful happy little people 😊 you have been so busy with your sewing. SS blocks are looking great. Congratulations on your win xx

  7. Great photos and fun time with your grandies.
    Well done with your Splendid Sampler blocks. They look fantastic

  8. That water park looks fun and the weather was perfect! Love your SS blocks and how wonderful to win those lovely 'house'blocks!

  9. It sounds like a busy, but fun week, Maria. Time spent with the little ones is priceless.

    Your house blocks are great. I can't wait to see their finish.

  10. Your weather looks like BLISS to me . I am still suffering through below freezing weather and snow showers. I HATE it. But I do LOVE all of your beautiful work!

  11. there's nothing like Grands! The weather looks wonderful.....and so happy to see you received your house blocks....looing forward to seeing what you create with them!

  12. Hi Maria... oh wow, your GGs are so cute... looks like fun... obviously you weren't at the Elizabeth Quay water park, what a disaster that place is!
    Well done on your blocks win, they'll make a great quilt/hanging.

  13. been having play days there it seems Maria, lovely grandies and sewing too.... another SS block out so back to work?

  14. WOW! You have been busy, love your blocks.


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