Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Surprise Mail and things !!

Last week it was my friend Sunny’s B/D and I was surprised to receive a gift FROM her .…






It is just gorgeous Sunny and I would be delighted to share your B/D each year. It is hanging above my sewing machine in the cave.. Thanks Heaps. XXX



There was also a lovely card and nice fabric in the post from Di and Miss Grace… What a thoughtful gesture Di thank you.





Lately I don’t seam to get settled on any projects and jump from one to another… thought if I tidied the cave and got rid of lots of bits that I have been hanging onto I would get motivated again….




Started to pull all my scraps out and bag them up for the bin when I came across this…





sew thankfully the scarps have been saved and now I am starting another project ..






Lots of ironing and cutting…….. Do you think I will ever finish it ???

BUT I do have this box of selvedges that needs a new home if there is anyone who would like them I am happy to send them on.. Sorry this one is only for Aussies..






OH !!! Don’t forget to pop over to Wendy to sign up for FNSI.



Hugz  Maria Smile


  1. what a lovely mini from Sunny
    great new scraps project. look forward to seeing it grow.
    hope your selvages find a home, couldn't take on a new stasha t the moment

  2. Gorgeous, thoughtful mini from Sunny, and also wasn't Di (and Miss Gracie) a sweetie! Hehe, I had a little giggle about how you were sorting the scraps for the bin - your new project looks like a great one to get stuck into! See you on Friday night :-)

  3. What a beautiful gift from Sunny.. love it. Have fun with all your scraps xx

  4. Hi Maria - wow what a fun Mini there from Sunny...
    Wow it looks like you have a lot of sewing ahead of you with that Pinata pattern - & yes of course you'll finish it!
    I'd love to take those selvedges if you're still willing to part with them.

  5. What wonderful mail! Sunny's mini is adorable.

    It sounds like you have some scrappy sewing ahead for you. lol

  6. What a wonderful gift from Sunny , sweet mini ! Oh that quilt will be gorgeous , so glad you decided to save those scraps :-)

  7. I'm so glad you like your little gift, Maria. I still feel bad that I missed your birthday, so I was hapy to have you celebrate with me.

  8. Sunny made you a lovely mini quilt, Maria. Have fun with all those scraps.

  9. of course you will finish & I can't wait to see! Darling little quilt from Sunny!

  10. Such a cute little hanging from Sunny. The quilt will be beautiful. Hugs,xx

  11. thats a really cute little mini.... and a lovely scrappy quilt started....


  12. Oh I know that feeling of having so much to make and do and getting them finished and finding something wonderfully new to started hahahaha but we are creators... I am sure you will finish it and it will be wonderful... gorgeous little mini xxx

  13. Hello Maria,

    I love the saying on the mini, snuggle is the best one. Have fun delving into your supplies to make up the quilt.

    Happy days.

  14. Happy birthday, that is a gorgeous little wallhanging. Your new scrappy project looks very ambitious!! It's going to be beautiful.

  15. What a lovely little giftie quilt!! And WOW, Maria! A very cool scrappy quilt project indeed!!

  16. Such a lovely mini...and the saying stitched on it is so appropriate.

  17. Such a cute little mini quilt you have received. I like the embroidery around the block; and the cute little hanger too! Good luck on the new start of your quilt. I seem to be the same way. Sometimes it is too hard to stayed focused on just one project at a time.


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