Sunday, March 8, 2015

FnwFs X Two

Have spent a few days R & R in the big smoke to visit family and a special friend.

On Friday DD and I went to see “The Sculptures by the Sea”





was at my DD for FnwFs and I had packed my basket of sewing sew we could stitch together…


When I went to unpack my "Natures Journey" SAL I discovered I hadn’t put in the right colour thread… Grrrr!!

Sew I helped DD pin one of her Black and White quilts…


Then last night as DD quilted I joined her by quilting a baby quilt she had pinned ready to quilt.

Was fun finishing the wee quilt for her….


I like the way DD pieced the backing….


Thank you Cheryll for organising us for FnwFs even though you were away. Hope you had a great time.

I will be popping over HERE to see what others have done next week…..

Hugz  Maria  Smile


  1. that is an awesome backing for a great quilt! And the sculptures are cool too!

  2. Glad to see you got to spend some quality time with your DD. How nice that you helped out with her quilting since you weren't able to work on your own project. Great job on piecing the backing. The sculptures look like fun!

  3. Wow the sculptures looks fantastic. What a great night work with your daughter love the way she backed the quilt !

  4. great sculptures, that dog pointing looks like it is a curly coat.... maybe coffee visited the beach?
    Great that you got sewing time with your daughter, even if you couldn't work on your new project.
    Lovly quilts your daughter is working on and I think the back of the baby quilt looks gorgeous. Could use it either way I reckon!

  5. How lovely to walk along the sea to see the sculptures. Sounds like you still had a lovely time sewing for FNWF. How annoying having the wrong thread.

  6. I Love the sculptures on the beach , wonderful ! Nice you could help your daughter finish her quilt :-)

  7. great sewing with you... how lovely you and DD had the stitching time together and lovely makes..... the sculptors on the beach looks great fun...

  8. Looks like a great day out. A nice way to spend with your daughter too

  9. Those sculptures look so pretty and the day looks like it was perfect.

    I'm sure DD enjoyed have a sewing companion and a fellow "pinner" for her beautiful quilt. I love the pieced backing too.

  10. Lovely quilts! Shame you didn't get to work on your own, lol. I'm sure the company made it worth it :)

  11. How wonderful to spend time stitching with your daughter! And that is a lovely quilt you got to quilt for her. What are the sculptures made from?

  12. Lovely to have stitching time with your daughter...the quilts are beautiful!
    Love the sculptures by the sea...some great ones there.

  13. Lovely quilts. I do like the pieced backing. So nice to spend it with your daughter.

  14. Had a great time Mum. Thanks for your help with quilts. Love DD

  15. Don't you hate it when you have everything set for some stitching Maria, then not the right thread?! bummer.
    You did a great job on the quilting of the baby quilt - the backing is so good!

  16. What a fabulous day at the beach. The sculptures are wonderful and the scenery to die for. Just seeing it cheered up a dull day for me. I'd have been spitting feathers when I discovered I'd packed the wrong thread but the day was saved by being able to work with your DD on her quilts. Great quilting and I love how your DD pieced the back too.... I'm making notes! :o) xxx

  17. Looks like a lovely day on the beach and the weather was perfect for it. Great quilt too xx


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