Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh it’s HOT !!

the temperature soared over 40 deg cel today, Lucy was happy to flake out in the cool laundry floor

Jan 2015

and I stayed in the Air Conned house and sewed my Binding together for the “Charm Stars” quilt.



even found a good way to hold the binding as I seed it onto the quilt…


Taa Dah !!!!! All Finished….


wasn’t going out in the heat to hang the quilt higher to get a better photo .. Sorry…

My DD has made me a fabulous quilt and I would love you to see it HERE ..... Can’t wait to visit her sew I can pick it up….

Hugz  Maria Smile


  1. Love those star blocks. So pleased you could sit in your air conditioned home - that is just a bit too hot.

  2. It sure is a stinker today.
    Love the quilt.

  3. Oh forgot to mention that I am hoping to be there for the WA Perth girls catch up so hopefully I will see you again soon.

  4. gorgeous Maria! Love your daughters quilt for you too.
    you lucky duck..
    hope you stay cool

  5. I'm feeling for you re the heat....we didn't escape either. Little Lucy has the right idea.
    Great chance for you to get stuck into some patch working as it's far too hot to go outside.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Hi Maria wow it looks fantastic,boy that's hot we have the heaters back on again our summer has disappeared,lol.xx

  7. Nice work Mum, we have both got UFOs off the books.
    Looks like it is going to be hot again tomorrow. Kids & I are going to the beach early then a quite day in the air con again.

  8. Sandra's quilt is beautiful and yours is too! smart to stay indoors on a day like that one

  9. Hey Mum, I think I will call your quilt Summer Holidays. What do you think?

  10. Your daughter's quilt is gorgeous. You will love it.

    Stay cool and happy Australian Day!

  11. It is very cold here--
    but I am keeping warm by reading about my blog friends and what they are up too--
    and sewing!!!
    Smiles, diandmissgracie

  12. Sounds very very hot. Poor Lucy! We are cold and have snow. Star is a lovely quilt!Pretty one your daughter made you also.
    Stay cool!

  13. Your charming stars look great.

  14. Poor little Lacy! Your quilt looks great, Maria. I've just popped over to Sandra's blog. The quilt she has made for you is lovely too.

  15. Your charming stars look fabulous! I don't blame you for not going out in the would be like me going out in the cold here! LOL

  16. your stars quilt is just lovely.... hope its cooled down for you.. has been hot here but some gentle rain last night and it is still drizzling so lovely to be cool.... your quilt from Sandra is gorgeous too.. how lovely

  17. Yes that's just too hot to go out in... so what better way to use the day... S-E-W-I-N-G.
    Lovely finish too Maria. xox

  18. ...And another hot one today Maria.
    Love the quilt, stay cool !!

  19. And I thought it was hot here at 35.5C! Your finished quilt is lovely. I haven't started my Charming Stars yet. What a lovely quilt your daughter has made for you.

  20. Oh no the dreaded 4-something temp in Summer! Blech! Thankfully none of those here this year, well so far ;) Love what you've done with your quilt :) That scrappy binding is sweet :)

  21. Yay Maria - Charming Stars looks amazing - Love it! and very clever with the bind holder...

    I like the name that Sandra suggested for the quilt she made you

  22. I can't even fathom temperatures like that , good thing you have air conditioning . Your quilt looks amazing , great job !

  23. Well, it's not that hot here, but we have been on the beach a couple of days this week, and poolside all day today. Love your finish!

  24. Your quilt is beautiful - Congratulations on your finish :)


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