Saturday, January 31, 2015

Not Much Sewing

I am enjoying my early morning walks


with Lacy,



then go bobbing with my friends


and today we had a coffee at the Marina watching the little catamarans go out to sea to race..


it has been hot and muggy this afternoon before we had a thunder storms which has now knocked out the power….

DH has gone fishing sew I went into the shed put the generator on the bag trolley and got power to  the house.. At least I can put a fan, the fridge and tele and not be sitting in the dark…


thankfully I still had some of DD yummy bolognaise in the freezer and we have a gas stove.


I have enjoyed a delicious tea and now I can visit my bloggy friends on my laptop ( till the battery runs out )

What have you been doing today ????? 

Hugz  Maria Smile


  1. Ohhh I miss Perth beaches! Looks like you had a great day. Your tea looks good. Great idea having a genny....makes things more comfortable when the power is out!

  2. Thank goodness for generators!! Beautiful early morning photos.

  3. Life without the generator would be tough. Can you use it on the sewing machine too? Maybe some hand stitching!!!! The beach looks beautiful.

  4. oh my. I hope the power is not out long!

  5. Least you are all prepared for power outage! I finished up a project for great grand Jay. now having a straighten up sewing mess to mess up again! We are freezing! 20F with a bit of wind.

  6. Sounds like an adventurous day! Your beach looks absolutely beautiful for both walking and bobbing.

  7. It is so lovely to walk along the beach in the morning, not that I get to do it very often! I hope the power comes back soon.

  8. Apart from the power going out it sounds like a perfect day !

  9. Hi Maria lovely pics,love the ones of Lacy and it's great when you only have to heat up tea and not make it,lol enjoy your day my friend xx

  10. Love your photos , sorry about your power outage , hope that your power has come back on .

  11. your beach always looks so lovely .... bugger about the power gone but you seem to have sorted things well....

  12. It looks like you had a marvelous day, Maria!! I did errands then sewed some blocks! Tomorrow is sperbowl here! Always a fun time! Yogi loves the pix of Lacy!!

  13. Glad you enjoyed your spaghetti Mum.
    I went to the gym with my girlfriends, then Squids & I went to Dr Who concert, then ended the day with a House Warming BBQ up at Sharon's.
    Now a relaxing day at home befor school starts tomorrow.

  14. Sounds such a lovely day, despite losing power later in the day!

  15. Apart from the lack of power it sounds like a lovely day and you sound well sorted to deal with no power!!

  16. Such a contrast from the northern hemisphere! We had a huge snow storm here yesterday and last night... about 25 cm, maybe more. Hubby got up early to shovel the driveway so our son could get to work without being late but the two of us won't be going anywhere today. It's a good day to do some writing, sew a little and read.

  17. we just returned from a nice warm vacation, and it is sooooooooooo cold at home! I wish I could send you some of the cold air. And our furnace was broke most of the time we were away. Thankfully, friends were watching our house and noticed the problem, and although it took several days, we came home to a warm house.

  18. Never a dull moment at your place.

  19. Sounds like you have been enjoying yourself more than enough :) Your hot weather has almost made it here :( I don't have a generator though so hopefully the storms lose themselves instead :)


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