Thursday, July 31, 2014

OPAM and Sign up for FnwFs

the days and weeks are just flying by and it will be August already tomorrow sew here are my OPAMs for July. Thanks to Kris and Peg who keep us on track..

My Bee group made “Bingo Blocks”for me sew this is the quilt I put together with the blocks.

Bee Blocks Quilt 2014

Love the way they look together and now I have a lovely quilt to use in the “Humpy” ( if we ever get to go on that holiday )

My “Mystery Quilt” our Patchwork group did this year…

006 (3)

is completely finished..

and I will show you the “Crazy Wool Pincushion” I made awhile ago for a swap.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 3

I found it very difficult to part with and sadly still haven’t heard from the recipient. Guess I can make another for myself….

Oh !! don't forget to pop over to Cheryll’s to sign on for this weeks FnwFs  tomorrow…..

Hugz   Maria


  1. the quilts are big finishes and they look great..... love the pincushion.. sad when you don't hear back from the recipient...

  2. Great finishes Maria and they are big ones! That is sad that you haven't heard from the recipient of that lovely pin cushion.

  3. I love the Bingo quilt! THat might be the perfect pattern for some fabric I have. And you pincushion is awesome. Sunflowers and kitties are great!

  4. beautiful quilts & I love that sweet pincushion!

  5. Those quilts are awesome finishes! Sorry you have not hear from the recipient of that sweet pin cushie! I would love it!!! ;-) Good job!!

  6. I love your BINGO quilt. What a fun pattern that is.

    Your pinchushion is fabulous. I hope it has arrived and that she will love it. You will HAVE to make one for yourself too.

  7. the quilt made by the Bee group is very pretty and interesting--!!
    and your mystery quilt came out so pretty--
    love, your pin cushion --
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  8. Such a shame about the pin cuchion, hopefully it will arrive soon - I'm sure it will be loved as it is gorgeous. Both other quilts are beautiful - what great finishes!!

  9. Gorgeous quilts Maria.
    Love your pincushion, I hope you hear from her soon...yes, it would have been hard to part with it.
    Make one for yourself Maria...

  10. great quilt finishes!
    love the bingo block quilt and those blues look gorgeous.
    your little woolly pincushinon is fantastic, shame you dind't get an acknowledgement that it was received. so much work in it too.

  11. Your quilts are lovely and your pincushion amazing! I don't know how you managed to part with it. I couldn't have.


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