Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How the Days Fly By

While hubby is recovering I have been kept busy mowing “The Block”


block July 2014 (3)

  After five hours of mowing ONE side of “ The Block” it is looking better.

block July 2014 (1)

I managed to  work on some secret sewing and to get the  parcels in the post…



Have also been in the Cave for some tiding and found lots UFOs tucked away in boxes….



008 (3)

I really would love to get them all done but there are just not enough hours in my day  Sad smile
Perhaps I should start  on one for FNSI with Wendy . It's a great way to sit and sew with our online friends and get some sewing done.. You can sign on HERE to join us…

I am off to Patch now, have a great day.

Hugz  Maria


  1. Recovering from what? Hope it is nothing too serious.
    When he is better, he can cut that huge amount of lawn, and you can get on with some more sewing.

  2. nice mowing....all your projects are awesome...

  3. I agree....there are never enough hours and way too many fun projects to work on!!!!

  4. Hope you own a ride
    Lots of lovely UFO's so plenty to keep you out of trouble. :)

  5. Hope DH is recovering well..
    Awesome job there on the mowing.
    and I agree, not enough hours in the day. Enjoy your new found UFO's
    Julia ♥

  6. I wish I had that much room around me, I dream of a block like that!
    Your projects are lovely, I like the colours in the last quilt project.

  7. Lots of lovely UFO's lurking in your cave. You can have fun playing with those.
    Love the special quilting on your secret project, hope it's not too long before you can share.

  8. I hope hubbie's condition isn't serious. Lots of mowing but it does look good Maria. Sharyn:)

  9. you have found some fabulous UFO projects....will be lovely to see them being worked on.... I agree... sewers should be given extra hours ... great work mowing.. our did ours at theweekend but there was not much there...

  10. Can't wait to see that secret sewing! I love the quilting in that little photo.

  11. Hi Maria i hiope hubby is recovering well and boy you have a big yard to move,your xmas parcels look very tempting and boy it would be like xmas finding your UFO's,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  12. Hi Maria i hiope hubby is recovering well and boy you have a big yard to move,your xmas parcels look very tempting and boy it would be like xmas finding your UFO's,hope you have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  13. that is a marathon mowing session!
    it's exciting that the christmas in july goodies are on their way.
    some beautiful ufo's there, hope you get the time to get them out of the cave.

  14. That's a lot of mowing! I think it would be good for DH's recovery to take over that chore. Do you have a riding mower? That's a lot of time wasted that you could be stitching. LOL!

  15. Fab job on that mowing girl.. you really got stuck into it! Hope DH isn't suffering from anything too nasty and his recovery is swift. Heck... if it isn't you might have to mow that block again! Ooops... bit naughty thinking that :o)
    Your secret sewing looks lovely... whatever it is and that Santa wrapping makes me laugh... wonder if I could wallpaper my bedroom with it...:o))) xxx

  16. That's a lot of mowing, Maria - good for you...
    Those boxes contain some lovely things, love the look of that colourful quilt... choose something fun & easy for fnsi...

  17. I hope hubby is recovering well. you do have plenty to keep you busy!

  18. Well done with the mowing. Know what you mean about UFOs! I am trying to work my way through some of mine, but I just keep starting new stuff! LOL!

  19. Wow! What a lawn. I bet you have a riding mower. Best wishes for your hubby's recovery. All your projects look so fun - just like candy to me.

  20. I agree never enough hours in the day! Lovely yard! I always think our yard looks so nice after it is freshly mowed which I can no longer do. DH took that over. used to enjoy it ...well except when real hot!;-)
    Oh my sew many projects to pick from. I am sure you will have all finished up in a timely fashion....hahaha!;-)

  21. That is sure a lot of mowing to do ! Have fun with those Ufo's and best of luck for your hubby's recovery .

  22. Wow that is a lot of mowing, but what a great job you did..Hope hubby's recovery is going well..interesting secret sewing going on...I think I recognise a project there that I have in a box somewhere as well..such pretty boxes that your projects are stored in

  23. Maria, we need to come up with a way you can stitch and mow at the same time. Don't you love it when you go looking for something and you find things you had forgotten about - it's like having a new purchase.

  24. Good job with the mowing. Great UFO finds. Look forward to seeing them finished x

  25. I do hope hubby is recovering well. Good on you with the mowing - I didn't realise your 'block' was so big - I think you need the odd cow!! Isn't it fun discoverig ufo projects - it's just like going shopping all over again!

  26. I hope you were using the ride on mower! I'll see you (in spirit anyway) at FNSI.


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