Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Quick Post

DH and Lacy have gone for a ride to the beach so before I go for my morning dip thought I’d do a quick post.


this month I am actually organised and will be joining Anthea for CTTY..


It’s only a little gift to pop in the box….

and don’t for get to sign up with Wendy for FNSI......


I’ll be there……

Hugz  Maria


  1. How cute Lacy looks in her special seat . Hope you enjoyed your dip . Cute little gift for your gift box :-)

  2. pretty little giftie to add to the box.
    Lacey is quite the traveller

  3. Oh very pretty gift to add to your box, and how cute does Lacy look in her seat :-)

  4. Lacy looks ready to go! Soon you will have a box full of gifts! Cute one.

  5. Lacy looks so cute riding with dh! cute little gift you made too...

  6. I keep signing up and never actually getting there, so tonight I am.. There is nothing on and I am banning all emergencies and designating tonight to some serious sewing.

    How was your swim?

  7. Lucky dog! :) I might be joining in for Friday Night Sew In, or at least Friday sew in as I'll be on the train for a few hours today, but I won't be able to post my progress. We are on our way into Sydney today for the last few days of our trip.

  8. Lacy looks so cute & ready for a bit of beach action, Maria!
    Thanks for linking to CTTY - & don't say 'just' re your item, every item made during the year is one less to hurry to make in Nov or Dec!! x

  9. I love the "medal" quilt, thar's a great idea.


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