Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Catching up… ( Lots of photos )

When I was going through my photos I realised there were some I wanted to use on my blog but other things needed to be posted first..
Each year I try to get Lacy to sit for a Christmas shoot…

She is not very agreeable…

Lacy Xmas 2013 1

                 “Get this thing off me”

Lacy Xmas 2013 2)

“Okay I am looking”

Lacy Xmas 2013 4

“Now give me that Smacko…….

when I held a treat above the camera I got a reasonable shot… Like kids there is always a currency.. LOL

My "Neighbourhood House" Blocks…

Neighbour House for Beth 2013 (1)

Neighbour House for Beth 2013 (2)

this is the third year I have joined Beth in making the blocks. You can still join in the fun and read how HERE. I enjoy making them and you may win enough blocks to make a small quilt.

These are  my Aussie Swap Blocks for October from Linda

Oct. 2013  Block from Linda

and December from Kate… Both blocks are great, thank you ladies.

Dec block from Kate 2013

When making Kate’s block I had these HST left, sew what do you do with them ??

Kate's Block  Nov. 2013 (2)

I made a Mug Rug to put  in with Kate's Block.. was pleased with it sew

Kate's Block  Nov. 2013 (1)

made another to send to a bloggy friend ???

Helen's Rug Mug 2013

and finally,  last but definitely not least my gift from Pat Sloan for  participating in A 4 A….

A 4 A gift 2013

Nice goodies to add to my stash…

Hugz  Maria


  1. wonderful goodies! I love your mug rugs, your houses and blocks. And Lacy is just like another child isn't she? So cute

  2. First I adore all your holiday 'wonderfuls' in the header!! That last pic of Lacy is so darling!! Your neighborhood will be a colorful one! Cute mug rugs. Happy you won such a nice bundle from Pat!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Cute photos of Lacy! Great patience getting the right shot :-) All your blocks are lovely - good idea to make the mugrugs - making soething out of nothing really appeals!! Isn't it fun with the swap gifts backwards and forwrds everywhere?! I love your rusty Christmas tree (last post) - might have to get my MOML looking for a bit of corrugated iron today!!!!

  4. Lacy is very cute !! You made lovely mug rugs !!
    You are always so busy !! I just have a look at your swaps !! LOVELY gifts !!

  5. Love your mug rugs, they look great......and yes treats do tend to work well to get that photo!!! Have a great day, hugs sharm

  6. Love your mug rugs, lovely gifts and photos of lacy.

  7. A little bribery never hurts! Lovely mug rugs Maria. Nice goodies from Pat too.

  8. You have been busy - love your little houses - best go & investigate - not that I need another project but . . .

  9. haha... my dog is just like Lacy when it comes to pictures!
    love those mug rugz.... so clever and a lovely prize for A4A... have fun playing with that...

  10. love your new header Maria,and lacy looks so cute,boy you sure have been busy,i am going back to look at your projects on your header .love it.xx

  11. Lots of great things happening at your place Maria - bribery always works :)

  12. Very cute doggy pictures. The eyes look so soulful. Love your house blocks and other blocks. The mug rugs look great.

  13. Cute mugrugs! and a what a fantastic prize package. I hope Lucy got extra treats for all you put her through

  14. Almost forgot - love your new header!

  15. Santa Lacy is adorable! Love your house blocks!

  16. Lucy is such a cutie and looks amazing in her hat, maybe Santa has a vacancy......

  17. Lots of lovely sewing here. Lacy is such a cutie, please give her a pat from me.

  18. Your Lacy photo is gorgeous and I love all your makes! Love your Christmas header too.

  19. So much fun going on your way!! Love the projects you've been working on and your dog is too cute. Your Christmas header is awesome.
    Cheers, Anita.

  20. Love that Blog banner. It is giving me ideas. LOL.
    The pup is cute in the hat. My daughter + kids put theirs into an elf suit yesterday, fortunately when I was there. It was very cute, and Millie didn't seem to mind. Especially when there was a treat. I can't see my cat letting me put anything at all on her!

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  22. What a great idea to use the leftovers in a mug rug... wonderful blocks too xxx


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