Friday, December 6, 2013

Are you ready

for FnwFs...  I have pinned this and hope to get it quilted as it is a christmas gift…


You can still sign up with Cheryll HERE and sew along too.

Santa left some more nice parcels in my Mail Box this week..
This is my “Santa Sack” Swap from Jan over at “The Little Red Hen” Love the fabric wrapping ….

Santa Sack Swap 2013 (2)

There was a smaller parcel which I was allowed to open now.

Santa Sack Swap 2013 (1)

Look at the lovely “Bird”  ornament Jan stitched for me, it is now hanging on the side of my fridge..  Thank you Jan can’t wait to open the others…

Also my Christmas gift for the ‘Lets Celebrate Swap” from Clare..

Let's Celebrate Swap Xmas 2013

I have popped it under my tree to open Christmas Day… Thank you Clare….

Off to the cave now to do some tidying sew I can find the machine…
Hugz  Maria


  1. Some beautiful secret santa work starting to pop up isn't there. Going to be a great day when we can all open the rest of our sack!!

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  3. I'm aware of another package that is on it's way to you, and should probably be opened upon arrival. Happy sewing tonight! I'll be sewing down binding all night.

  4. wow what a lovely decoration from Jan and those pressies look so tempting ,have a wonderful weekend my friend.xx

  5. oh I do love that little stitched bird!

  6. That little bird is so sweet. Have fun quilting!

  7. Looks like Santa is working already!

  8. Lots of lovely gifts at your home!

  9. pretty sewing, pretty parcels, pretty ornaments...

  10. Santa's been working overtime at your place, Maria!


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