Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I have been up Too and time for FNSI…..

OMGoodness I just what the time to slow down a little…. Can’t believe it’s Wednesday again!!!!!!!!
Didn’t realise I had forgotten to post about a workshop we did at Patch on Nov. 2nd…. We learnt to make Christmas Baubles….


We had a great day with lots of laughs, chatting, eating and drinking and getting some work done…


All lined up and they do look pretty…

I have been very busy sewing Secret Stuff which is now all packed up and ready to be posted.


On Friday I started a quilt from this book for a friend from Zumba…



I cut, sewed, sandwiched and quilted all weekend and was pleased to be able to give her the finished quilt at Zumba on Tuesday…

Quilt for Kerry 2013

Oh!!! and don’t forget to sign up for FNSI. Always nice to join Wendy and all the other folk for a night of crafting…..


must go and peg the washing and do the house before going to retreat on the weekend..

Hugz  Maria


  1. wow love those baubles Maria and you take care my friend.xx

  2. I love your Christmas baubles! I've seen those made before & they are so pretty. have fun retreating!

  3. Wow I do love those baubles Maria, very clever & oh-so pretty!
    Have a great time at Retreat x

  4. Lovely baubles all lined up look beautiful. Great quilt for you friend.enjoy your retreat !!

  5. You've been busy and productive. Lovely quilt for your friend Maria. Sharyn:)

  6. Love all those baubles Marie and well done on getting all those gifts AND a quilt done...enjoy your retreat... I guess there will be another quilt finished?

  7. You have done so much and it all sounds amazing.

    The baubles are a wonderful idea.

    Chrissie x

  8. Ditto to all the above! Your Christmas baubles are gorgeous - are they patchwork?
    I can't believe you made a whole quilt in a it a case of quilting forever, housework never?

  9. the decorations look gorgeous!
    you are might speedy with the quilt you made. Looks great!
    well done.

  10. Love the baubles Maria and the quilt is so bright and eye catching - lucky zumba friend!!!

  11. Wow - you got all that done, and now you're going on retreat?!? Love those baubles. I've seen them in the past and always liked them. Are they difficult to make. Your quilt is adorable, and will be well loved by a special someone.

  12. You have been super busy Maria , love the baubles and the quilt is adorable . Have fun on your retreat :-)

  13. Those balls all look so pretty!

    I love the I Spy quilt. That is such a great idea and so bright and cheery.

  14. You do stay busy but having fun which is the best! pretty ornies! Sweet quilt finish too. Now off to retreat with you and you be sure to share your fun later!


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