Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Busy Day, Mini and OFW…

Oh No!!!!  It’s 11. 15 pm and I still haven’t done my post. Have had a busy day which started with this….


Brekky at the beach cafe for one of our bobbers..
Then home to do a load of washing before going to lunch and playing cards…. on the way home I went to visit a friend to drop of a ruler and have a cuppa….Must say retirement is tiring …… LOL….

Yesterday I received these lovely parcels from Tania…


This was Tania’s first ever swap and look at the beautiful Mini she has made.. Love it..  She also spoilt me with yummy chocolates and a sweet lavender bag…and the card even matched the Mini...

Flower Mini from Tania. 2013

Thank you Tania and also Swap Mum  Cheryll for organising this swap……

After many weeks of away I have finally joined Karen and the other lovely ladies for OFW... do pop over to see what others have been working on...


Have added another row and now I need to made some more stepping stones..

Must away shower and go to bed.  Goodnight.

Hugz  Maria


  1. Yes, retirement is soooo tiring!!! LOL

    Your swap is beautiful. Love the mini.

    Glad to see you are back to flowers. I always enjoy seeing them.

  2. always love your flowers. and what a beautiful swap bundle. All packed up here & heading home from NYC!

  3. Love your post today and all the lovelies in is wonderful how your stepping stones pull all the scrappy flowers together!

  4. Nice start to the day by looks! What a lovely swap and wonderful to have you back doing the OFW.... I started back a few weeks ago, but didn't get any done this last week.

  5. Lovely mini !! You have been spoiled !

  6. The mini Tania has made for you is so pretty. She has certainly made you a lovely little quilt. I bet you're busier now more than ever Maria. Isn't that what all retired people say!

  7. Ahhh..I want your life! Brekkie and bobbing and visiting and beautiful swaps in the mail. It's been awhile since I'm made any flowers, and I think I'll try to get a couple made today, since I got off work early.

  8. Wow! Just look at your garden with all those wonderful flowers. Beautiful

  9. All those lovely flowers look great. What a beautiful mini Tania sent you !!!

  10. such a crazy busy retirement!!! I love the mini you got... so cheerful and happy and your hexies are coming together nicely.... soon you will have a quilt?

  11. OMG your MiNi is just gorgeous! Well done Tania. I can see your festive season has started already!
    Lucky you! :)

  12. Yes, how did we ever have time to raise the kids and work...retirement is tiring!
    Now that's a great start to the day!
    Love the mini, hexies are looking great.
    Enjoy today!
    Julia ♥

  13. what a gorgeous mini you received Maria and i agree retirement is exhausting you seem to fit in more and more and you are busier than when you worked,lol.xx

  14. Stunning flowers. You are so busy it must be relaxing to make the flowers.

    Chrissie x

  15. Delicious! All of it.
    Gorgeous mini you have received.
    Lovely flowers growing together.
    Relax and enjoy the weekend.

  16. You would have needed a lie down and a cuppa after that big day! Brekkie looks amazing.

  17. I am so sorry you had such a terrible day! ;)

  18. Wow great progress on stitching those together Maria! I need to get my hexy's going again too x

  19. your mini is amazing!! your mini for michelle is lovely too.
    great progress on your hexies. I have done another row on mine too, boy it's a long slog.
    wish I had just sewn them on a background fabric!

  20. What an amazing mini.....your hexies are beautiful...

  21. Oooh that brekkie is making me hungry :) Yum. Wow Tania has done a wonderful job with your mini! Just gorgeous :)


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