Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Display Rooms, Stalls and Food. Part 2

At each Quilt Hanging some of the ladies in our group do display rooms…

Ros did “Rustic Rural”

Display 7

Ross room

Alison “Christmas”

display rooms (3)

display rooms (4)

display rooms (6)

Sue “Memory Quilts” corner.

display rooms (1)

Barb’s “WIPS and UFOs”

Barbs display

I did “Stitchery and Handwork”

display rooms (2)

and Donna “Kid’s Room”

Kids room

it was tiring work for little Chloe who fell asleep on the Rocking horse so her Mum popped her in the dolls cot….

We also had about 30 Stalls selling lots of goodies…


Our Kitchen helpers had the most gorgeous aprons made by the lovely Sadie.


and there was no shortage of delicious food…


Will post quilts tomorrow.

Hugz  Maria


  1. It looks great Maria!! Lots of hard work for you all but well worth it I'm sure. I look forward to seeing the quilts.

  2. love the "rooms" idea..........great way to display things very well..........

  3. love the "rooms" idea..........great way to display things very well..........

  4. Maria, it all looks so fabulous! I can't believe the amount of time you all had to put in to pull this off!

  5. wow i love the rooms what an awesome idea and wished i lived closer to see this,such gorgeous displays,well done ladies.xx

  6. Oh Maria it looks fantastic I wish I could be there to look at all the lovely stalls ,rooms and quilts. The ladies sure do know how to set up for great viewing !!!!!

  7. Oh Maria, everything looks so lovely, I really did miss a great show!
    I too love the rooms idea, much nicer than just a big room of mixed up quilts.
    Pat your selves on the back girls!
    Julia ♥

  8. wow they are spectacular.
    I spy your a4a top in the ufo 'room' and that hexie garden looks amazing too.
    poor bubba falling asleep, lucky there was a cot handy.

  9. I love the idea of all those separate "rooms". It all looks ready to roll!

  10. Love those rooms! Neat idea! Cute aprons for the food servers too!

  11. I missed this yesterday! Of course you did the beautiful stitchery room. All of them are wonderful! Ok, on I go to look at the quilts

  12. I love that you had themed rooms, Maria. They all look fantastic.

  13. just love those themed rooms... and the aprons!

  14. Wow , I just love how this is set up , think we will have to grab a few of your ideas , really terrific job. Do you sell the baked goods?

  15. That looks like a lot of hard work on everyone's part, Maria, but it looks just fabulous. Those rooms are amazing!

  16. wow, this was an amazing show....The theme rooms are so magical...I love them all but I am partial to yours....


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