Monday, August 26, 2013

What did you

over the past few days ???  On Friday I turned this……..

Mesh Workshop Aug 2013 (6)

into this…

 Saturday I went to Patch and did the “Focal Point” workshop taught by Sandi…


all the ladies are concentrating really hard and by the end of the day we had all completed our tops…


Sandi’s is the Pretty Pink one with the beautiful quilting. 

Later in the evening I went into the cave and completed my mini quilt…


then on Sunday I did Lesson 9 of A 4 A Blocks..


Oh and have finished quilting my North Poll Wall hanging.. Looks better from the back. “Fiona” it did talk to me and never seemed to shut up…LOL



it’s time for a Milo and then bed…
Hugz  Maria


  1. ooh! I like your bag xx can we see the North Pole from the front? lol x

  2. I love your bag - what a cool shape. And yeah, we want to see the front of North Pole.

  3. All your work is so lovely Maria, I love the bag, gorgeous shape and the front panel works well.

  4. Great tote Maria and what an interesting class , you have been super busy :-)

  5. you exhaust me! Love your bag and the mini too! nice work

  6. Busy, busy, busy lol. Love the bag and mini but would love to see North Pole from the front! So loved seeing the work on the blocks for this one.

  7. You have been very busy and productive, well done.

  8. Your bag looks great Maria. Your mini quilt is very effective. The quilting looks good too. What a busy few days you have had!

  9. Fantastic use of some stunning fabric and perfect for a bag! Great weekend round up Maria... and the North Pole looks great from the back so even better from the front I imagine!
    Well done! :)

  10. fantastic projects... I love how you made that piece into a bag and your focal point is such fun... what a lovely workshop.... glad the North Pole 'spoke' haha.... cant wait to see it all the quilting looks great and gives it life...

  11. Love your focal point mini quilt - it sounds like a fun class. Your panel and the whole bag is beautiful, and lovely looking quilting on North Pole. The finishing off of it is so much fun with all the embellishing.

  12. Love all the projects...ok, I had to laugh at.."it did talk to you and never shut up". love that or was it the other way around!
    Have a great week Maria.
    Julia ♥

  13. Wow, where to start?! Ok so I see the first piece is from your mesh workshop - gosh doesn't it look good made into the bag? Your workshop looks fun and your resulting mini-quilt is very cute. The quilting looks good on your North Pole, I am so looking forward to seeing the front view as well!!!

  14. Great bag Maria! Love that panel, so much work in it...
    'Focal Point' looks wonderful, you've done a great job of it. NP quilting looks good... 'talking quilt'... what's in that Milo?! LOL

  15. It looks like you were a lot more productive than I was.

    I love your bag and can't wait to see North Pole finished.

  16. You are a busy lady I love your bag !!!

  17. wow love your piece in the bag! It looks gorgeous. love the handles too.
    your mini looks great and I really like your a4a blocks.
    great going on quilting your north pole quilt. You are going great guns on your projects!

  18. Lovely finishes in your cave. The bag is gorgeous and that Mini is beautiful, loving both the colours and the circle focus.
    Can't wait to see the North Pole RSF.

  19. the "Focal points" look great - fun to try something I want to see the front of north pole!

  20. That's a lovely bag that you made, Maria. Love the quilting on the North Pole hanging :-)

  21. Hello Maria,

    So that is what the other side of the North Pole looks like. A busy sewing time for you.

    Happy days.

  22. Well done on all your works !!

  23. Wow! You've accomplished so very much in just a few days. I love it when I do that. It just doesn't happen often enough!!!


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