Monday, May 27, 2013

Home Again

Arrived home this afternoon after driving to Perth for our first Bloggers Meet and Craft Show…

Bloggers meet May 2013

From left...DD Sandra, from Playing Tiddleywinks , Anthea, from Hibiscus Stitches,  Me ,Tracee from Quilt Kitty Loves Life , Julia from Julia's Place and her DIL Janete..
It was also nice to meet Tracey from Outback Craftaholic who could only stay awhile ( so missed out on the photo) as she was on driver duty  for WAQA as the Workshop Convener.

After coffee and chat we went into the Craft Show for some shopping and afterwards we met up for lunch. Then back into the show to look at the  amazing display of quilts…





These are the purchases I made..


A Kit to make a wee pouch for my GD, some beautiful threads, nice Mug Rug fabric and some bits and bobs for swaps..

Thank you Anthea for helping organise our meet. Hope we can all meet up again soon.

Hugz  Maria


  1. I'm so jealous that you all got to meet up. Sounds like everyone had a very fun day. the quilts look amazing!

  2. How fun to meet up with fellow bloggers! The quilts in the show are beautiful and i love your purchases too (especially that tea cup fabric! So cute)

  3. what a lovely group there,this will be the start of many wonderful meetings now,we only started with 5 and now we are a big group.xx

  4. How fun to all get together. The quilts look amazing - especially that hexie garden. OMGoodness!

  5. so much fun catching up with bloggers.........nice quilts..........

  6. Jealous much - the nearest blogger that I know of is 2.5 hours from here - just as well I have 'blogland ' to visit. Such a wonderful fun day for you all - and so restrained with your buying!!!

  7. Looks like a great together.

  8. So pleased you had the opportunity to have your meet up. They are such good times. Did you feel like you had known each other for ever? Always seems like that to me.

  9. Looks like you had an awesome day , meeting up with friends and seeing some gorgeous quilts !

  10. Sounds like a great day! Meeting bloggy friends and attending a quilt/craft show all in one day - awesome!! It looks like you got to see some beautiful quilts - and topped up your stash a little :-)

  11. You look very happy all together !!

  12. Glad you enjoyed your first get together. Isn't it just lovely to meet the people we "talk" to! Lovely purchases too!

  13. so great how our blogging world has expanded into friendships.... love your pile of purchases ..

  14. hope this becomes a regular event for you girls.
    lovely quilts too, glad you found some hexie ones.
    some lovely purchases too.

  15. How nice to be able to meet together and what a fun day with beautiful quilts and shopping!!

  16. How wonderful that you got to meet with all those wonderful Bloggers/Quilters! I would think I died and went to heaven if I could meet like that with my bloggy friends! What lovely quilts too....there are some magnificent hexie quilts there!

  17. It was so lovely and so much fun meeting up with all you girls. Great company!.
    I really think it was the BEST show...the longest I've stayed at a show.
    Perhaps we could meet at the August show in Claremont ....if you come down.
    Julia ♥

  18. Ooh how fun to meet some friends who usually only live in cyberspace. Gorgeous quilts to see too.
    Nice shopping.

  19. So many beautiful quilts Maria and lovely to catch up with your friends. I'm looking forward to our quilt show in just over 2 weeks.

  20. So pleased you had such a good time...those quilts are amazing...

  21. Nice purchases Maria. I loved that caravaning quilt too. Tracee xx

  22. Hello Maria,

    Glad you arrived home safely. Love the goodies you picked up, enjoy. Gosh I do love that Monet style quilt.

    Have a happy day.

  23. It was fun to see blogging friends.
    My favourite quilt was the Monet Hexi one, so cool.
    Enjoy your visit Mum love Sandra


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