Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Quick Reminder !!!!

to join in the fun with Cheryll and all the ladies for FNwFs tomorrow night May 3rd .……

Hope to be sewing along with lots of folks..
Hugz  Maria


  1. I love your blog look Maria! Is FNwF just for you Southern Hemi. folks or can we join you from up here too? I might be sewing along with you anyway, as I have a few things that need worked on. :) Happy Sewing! xo

  2. Well Mum,
    Now that is what I call timing!
    I was just going to ask friends to come craft with me, if no one comes I will craft with you.
    On a bit of a roll this holidays, it is amazing what you get done when you have time....he he.
    Love DD

  3. Have a wonderful time with your friends..I will be waiting for pictures...I will probably still be shoveling. :)

  4. Been so looking forward to this for days and days now. I'll be there to join in

  5. Thanks Maria... I'll see you then! :)


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