Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The week that was and OFW

Last Thursday I went to town and had lunch with a gorgeous little lady and her Mum,

and did some fabric shopping ,


Friday our exercise group went to Geraldton and after a walk along the foreshore

Had a coffee before going to the Gym.


Saturday our Patch Group went to one of our talented ladies home for friendship day.


Sadie had made a beautiful gift for all of us..

A lovely book mark and brooch.

Sunday was brekky with the ladies and some sewing. But I wish I could just work on one project..
Does your cave look like this too????


I think I see five different things on the go…

Monday was Patch, Tuesday Zumba and today I went to play Mah Jong….

Sew you can see why I just managed to get my Flower done  in time to post for One Flower Wednesday with Karin and the ladies.


and only one house completed this week 


I can see I must talk to the builder about working a bit harder!!!!!!!!

Hugz  Maria


  1. LOL!! Too funny about talking to the builder. Love the hexie flower and the little house. Didn't you tell me you were making your houses a bit bigger than the 3 inch size? (Or was that some one else?)

  2. OOOh to have a sewing room and leave your projects up - bliss!
    Love the new fabric you brought.
    Love Leanne

  3. such a happy life you have! If I were you I wouldn't trade it for anything. Love your chicken flower and the chicken coop too!

  4. You are a busy lady but it all sounds like fun so that is what is important. Yes my cave looks like that but messier .

  5. whew........I got tired just reading all the things you got accomplished! Love your chickens....and especially love the one in the window!

  6. Yes--Whew is right! I agree the little lady is beautiful. Your hexie flower is so fun...Chicken's in the basket and then a hen house. Great! Is that rain or snow in your picture?

  7. You have had a busy few days Maria. I love the chicken house! What a little cutie! Yes, my sewing room looks a bit like that too!

  8. It's hard to sneak in some sewing when you are so busy having fun with friends!!! ;)

    LOVE the chickens in the flower and the house. Very cute.

  9. What a sweet little one in that first photo.

    And my goodness you are a busy, out and about lady.

    Love the chicken hexie flower and the house block... so fun.

  10. Ooh my goodness, I'm surprised the builder even managed one house.... looks like you have had a fun week... little lady is just soo sweet and yes, I also have several projects on the go at once .... I thought that was normal???? I only started a few years ago so have been influenced by all my internet mates....

  11. Sounds like you had a great week. Love your chicken hexie and I think your builder is dong a great job! My sewing machine and ironing board are set up by the front door - your sewing room is fabulous!

  12. What a fantastic week or so Maria. I love the hexies you are making.

  13. What a darling little lady! I can see that you've been much to busy to be supervising your builder. Perhaps he'll do better when it get cooler out?

  14. That house must be one I used to live in....the chooks were always trying to get inside!

  15. Love your hexie and little house. You have been busy this week. I cleaned my sewing room yesterday and today it back as it was before I cleaned. happy quilting..jinnie

  16. You have had a busy week, sounds like lots of nice things though. Love your hexie flower and house, especially the chicken in the window!

  17. Wow, I am surprised you had any time at all for the "builder". That is a busy schedule, but sounds fun. Yes, I would have about that many projects out in my sewing room too, only difference is that my room is so much messier than yours. (and noone is seeing my worktable in its present state of messiness.)

  18. A busy week, but a nice week. Lots going on in your sewing room, LOVE the flower and house!

  19. What. A wonderful flower and your house is so cute. I have fallen behind on my houses. Definitely need to get back to them too.

  20. I love looking at everyone's hexi flowers-so creative, love your little chickens!

  21. You have had a great week, thanks for the pics. Especially love this little chooks house and of course your hexie flower ;o)))

    Have a nice day !

  22. Sounds like you had a busy but fun week!

  23. Well at least those chooks won't wake you at 5am! You've had a great few days & we all need a change from time to time... As for The Cave, ah, it looks good to me, after looking at my Space! ♥

  24. I love all your Flowers and your little houses are so cute - I was really tempted with that one too - but somewhere you just have to draw the line and say NO MORE

  25. Your cave is not messy!
    Lots of projects are mandatory and working on them all at once saves from getting bored doing the same thing over and over. I throw some yarn projects in with all the fabric ones to create a more interesting mix and way more mess.

    Love the flower and the house where the chook lives. Great work in between all your social and health activities.
    Enjoy the activity. - See you tomorrow night at the Sew In.

  26. What a wee little doll!!! Could eat her up! You are a busy gal as usual!!! Love that chix block and sweet lil house block!
    My sewing 'cave' has piled up totes!Least you are using your cave well! Messes are part of the fun!

  27. Looks like life is full and fun! Super cute grand daughter! And love that chooky flower!

  28. What a week !! I love your new banner !!
    Happy stitching...whatever project you choose !


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