Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flowers Galore Part 2 (long post)

Yesterday we drove to Pindar ( Click on link to see the beautiful Guest house and read some history of the area ) .
After stopping there for coffee and scones we went off in search of the infamous “Wreath Flower” and we were  not disappointed.
There were lots growing along both sides of the gravel road.

There were so many Wreath Flowers but there was also lots of other colour in the bush.
037           031
032   063

Heaps of these tiny little flowers that just looked like snow everywhere.   065

As well as HUGE ant nests. You would not want to step on one of these!!!
053   052

They did a great job of the cleaning up the dead snake.


On the way home Dh and I stopped at the flower show in one of the towns we drove through,

Not only did I learn the name of flowers but it was lovely to see some of the local ladies stitching in these wall hangings.

068    069070     071

This one was knitted, except for the hills in the background, beautiful work. I loved them all.


  1. So glad you found some wreath flowers. Were they sign posted or did you just come across them yourselves. So rare.

  2. Those wreath flowers are amazing; I'd never heard of them before...I loved the flower photos and also the quilts/wallhangings. The knitted landscape was certainly something you don't see every day...very creative! Thank you for sharing all those lovely photos :-)

  3. There is nothing like th wildflowers of W.A. for spectacular beauty. The just carpet the red soil its a while since we were there but your flowers bought it all back never seen a wreath flower though, Thanks for the show.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day out, the wreath flowers looked very unusual, loved the carpet of 'snow', thanks for sharing

  5. Wow I had never heard of wreath flowers, amazing! Looks like a beautiful day for a drive.

  6. Oh wow!!!! Aren't we lucky to live in Australia?! I adore wreath flowers, and am quite jealous that you got to see some in person!! I wish they grew over here...
    Poor snake :(
    Those wall hangings are pretty inspiring as well!

  7. love those wreath flowers ,and a lovely post Maria

  8. MOre stunning pictures... thanks... awesome wreath flowers...

  9. beautiful flowers....icky dead snake :)

  10. Looks like heaps of fun! I have never seen (nor heard of) wreath flowers before. Susie

  11. Thank you so much for the pictures. I am learning so much about your beautiful country. I have added Australia to my "Bucket List." I am enjoying your travels.

  12. Gosh that wreath flower is a darling!

    Love Leanne

  13. Maria , I always feel like I have traveled with you when seeing things through your eyes. Thank you So very much for taking me with you - I adored it all! That wreath flower amazed me and I loved the stitching! You certainly live in such a beautiful country and with such talented people.

  14. Those wreath flowers are beautiful. I just love them. It's funny how they grow along the side of the road.

  15. I love the wreath flowers - never heard of them before.

  16. Hello Maria,

    Oh my goodness those wreath flowers are just perfect. Loved this post except for that reptile!!!You could/should have warned us that you were posting one of them, so glad it was being eaten by the ants.
    Happy days.

  17. Your photos are the next best thing to being there. The wildflowers are just gorgeous. One day I WILL see them for real.

  18. The wreath flowers are gorgeous...never saw anything like that. Thanks for sharing such wonderful flowers with us in other countries.
    Hugs from Ohio.

  19. What an excellent adventure, so many beautiful flowers. I love the wreath flower, the center of it reminds me of a sedum I have in the garden, but it sure doesn't flower like that!

  20. Those wreath flowers are very cool. I enjoyed your post very much. So fun to see what grows in other countries.

  21. I have never seen the wreath flowers before Lovely photos once again

  22. Thanks for the photos of the wildflowers, I "googled" Coal Seam with no luck then Murchison WA, how far from Geralton is it, we would love to plan a trip when in WA to see flowers, do you have to go that far from Perth.

  23. Lovely pictures of all the flowers in this post and part 1. The wreath flowers are very unusual. The scenic wall hangings look amazing. I thought your smiley face hexie flower was very cute.

  24. Wow Mum, Wouldn't you just love some of those flowers on the block.
    The field of everlastings just reminds me of Kambalda. :-)
    Love DD2

  25. I have never seen wreath flowers! they are wonderful.


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