Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Winter’s Day

Today was a magnificent winters day. After I went for a walk along the Marina and foreshore
013 (2)
went home and did the washing.

Then I finished quilting my Aussie Block Swap quilt.
Decided to practise doing STRAIGHT free motion quilting.

015 (2)

Well sort of straight. 


Was going along nicely when I discovered this

005 (2)

Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!  Some reverse sewing needed to be done.
Pleased with the finish, even if it is a little wonky.


Yesterday I  enjoyed seeing my girls. DD1, GD1 and


my Great Granddaughter who rarely smiles for the camera but I love the look on her little face. Is she saying,

“ I will smile when you put the camera down”


  1. Oh....that face is too precious!!!!

    I just did the same thing on a quilt that I have been working on. Grr!!! Isn't it frustrating?

    The quilt looks beautiful.

    I am sure a lot of folks in the heat would appreciate your cooler temps.

  2. Sometimes I forget you are cold when we are hot! Pretty day! I use a chalk pin to mark my lines, makes it easier for me to get a straighter line. She is adorable and growing like a weed!!!!

  3. that baby just gets cuter & cuter! It's me, your friend in the ultra heat, wishing for a cooler day...

  4. Just love your quilt...but how cute is your GGD, how lucky you are...

  5. The cutest little baby. Lovely quilt too.

  6. lovely sunny winter pics... we have one today... yay... I love your swap quilt... well done... and grandie is just so sweet.... just very huggable...

  7. I t was unbearably hot here today, if that amakes you feel any better! You send that sweet little baby to me, and I'll get some smiles out of her.

  8. Maria,
    Enjoy you winter day, it was almost 100 degrees in Oklahoma the last few days!

    Sweet baby!!

  9. Aw... what a cutie! WInter has hit here too, it very cold and wet, good weather for stitching or curling up with a good book!

  10. OOOO MAN! Those pictures are priceless. That looks like the PERFECT walk to me ! IF ONLY???? DH and I went to the park two years ago and when you walk there it is along side a pretty river. But now we cannot afford to do that because of the drastic increase in gas prices. POOOOOOOO!

    It's a good thing I cannot "time - travel" I would "warp" right over and walk with you!

    What a beautiful quilt !

    AAAAWWWWHHH - I love baby pictures! Isn't she just so precious!!!!!!

  11. Little Miss L is so gorgeous. Keep trying and one day she'll smile for that camera.

  12. That face is too precious! Lovely sunny winter pics. Lovely quilt too.

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  13. Hi Mum,
    Craft ladies and I were commenting on the lovely crips sunny days, there great. Better than 40degC for two weeks at a time. Would like some more rain thou.
    Great finishers, free motion is fun isn't it.Thanks for the photos you sent me Mum.
    Love Sandra


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