Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bit of a Prickle!!!

My friend “Oscar” was getting too BIG for his pot.
So my DH went off into town and bought a bigger pot to put him into.
Oscar did not take too kindly to being moved and attacked poor DH.  
“OUCH” I think DH said a bit more than that. LOL.001
So off to the shed to get some protection and the trolley!!
007002       By now I was asked politely to put the CAMERA DOWN and give DH a hand. We wrapped the heavy cloth around Oscar and put him onto the trolley. Wheeled him onto the lawn where DH transplanted him.
I hope he will be happy in his new home.

Now this guy “ Mr Hook” has given me the most beautiful display of flowers this year
006 (2)

Cacti bloom 2011

April 2011

Now there are 6
BUT I do think he also needs a new pot .
 Don’t think DH is keen to move him right now though!!!

007 (2)

P.S Don't forget FNSI this week. June 17th.

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  1. No wonder your DH was upset, while he was being attacked by the rampart cactus, you kept snapping pictures of it all!

    Hope you made him a nice cup of tea once the job was done.

  2. Yeah OUCH and I can imagine what he said hahahaha... just had a look at all your posts of late WOW you have been so busy... and I thought I had you on my ''blog list'' and I didn't and I have been missing out hahaha xxx

  3. I LOVE your cactus! My sister-in-law had one like Oscar and it was taller than I am. I really admired it. But then you know how challenging it is to do anything with them ? One day he was there in the window and the next visit he was gone?

    Mr. Hook did give you BEAUTIFUL flowers!

    One year my DH wanted to go to a beautiful lake to fish that all of his buds had told him about.
    After he fished for a while we went sight seeing in the town. All of a sudden I caught a glimpse of one of the tallest cactus that I had ever seen in somebody's yard.

    We were four lanes of traffic across the road but we stopped to snap a picture. All of a sudden I heard somebody SCREAMING at me that what I was doing was illegal! It scared the wazoos out of me! I walked over to see what all the fuss was about and she gave me a terrible lecture about that was how she made her living , ect. ect,

    To this day it has really taked the love that I had taking pictures away. I still try , but I can still hear her screaming at me.

    I thought if that was her business she should have had a sign up or a privacy fence ??? I almost wish that I had gone to the local police station and asked if I had done something illegal????

    I have a carrion plant and it is named that because they say that the smell it has when it blooms smells like something rotten - but this has not been my experience. It is a small house plant in the cactus family -without the stickers. Each Winter somewhere along the New Year it will Burst into bloom and the bloom will be almost a foot in diameter and it is yellow with a blush of pink . It always just takes my breath it is so lovely - like your Mr. Hook.

    Hope your DH does not get too sore.

  4. Oscar certainly got a bit cheesed off about being moved.... poor DH... Mr Hook certainly paid his rent.... good luck with that move!!

  5. Those spiky creatures remind me of my chilhood, racing round the yard and falling into a hedge of them.....yeeeeooooowwwwch!!!!....I can still remember it! Sympathy to your DH but they are beauties!!!
    ...pain and the pleasure!
    sugary hugs Maria
    X Wendy :O)

  6. That is one nasty looking wound on hubby's arm. The Hook's flowers look amazing but I think you are right to wait a little while before getting DH to help repot it.

  7. Poor Blue, Oscar was grouchy!

  8. Ouch! That sure is one prickly customer! Hope he enjoys his new dwelling place;o) And those flowers are stunning.

  9. Cacti have their own unique beauty. I've had many run ins with them having grown up in the California Desert.

  10. OUCH!! They are lovely though. My son had cactus plants when he was in high school. Passed them on to his Aunt and they died! Poor fella was sad! Hope your DH wounds will heal soon!

  11. That is one wicked looking plant. Isn't it a shame they give you such gorgeous flowers????? Blooming is a great self defense mechanism. Your poor DH!!!!

  12. What beautiful Cacti Oscar and Mr. Hook are! But oh my, those stickers! I can just imagine what your hubby said when Oscar attacked him...I might have been tempted to say something a little off-color myself! :o) Glad that Oscar did get into his new home, though, and hope that Mr. Hook's move won't be quite as tramatic once it occurs! He sure did give you a beautiful show, though!

    Have a great weekend, Maria!



  13. Those are great plants. I don't think I have ever seen one that bloomed so much. They are well worth moving and getting a little prickled over.

  14. Except for DH's arm--The pictures are beautiful. The blossom's are fantastic. After two days of HOT weather Monday and Tuesday-(102 deg.) it is currently 62. Love your cactus! I also enjoyed reading "webbsway"'s story.

  15. Ouch! they can be quite nasty if you get too close!

  16. The flowers are worth the effort, Yeah!!

  17. Sympathies to your DH, beautiful flowers though. We too have more than enough prickilies in the garden some over 8 feet tall, they can pack a nasty punch if you get on the wrong side of them

  18. Wow your cactii have grown, must send mine up there for a holiday!
    Thanks for the heads up for FNSI, it will be the night before midwinters so I am sure I will be sewing.
    Love DD2

  19. Ouch!! Your cacti sure are doing well - the flowers are amazing. I know from experience (!!) how painful cacti cuts can be so hope your DH heals quickly.

  20. It looks mean!!! I can imagine my little ones just going up and touching that one! ouch!

  21. Some beautiful plants but very prickly! Hope he doesn't need moving again any time soon.


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