Monday, May 30, 2011

OPAM Finishes for May & Squishies

I really enjoyed making these little guys for “Children in Ethiopia”  Hope they put a smile on a small child's face.

 Completed two baby quilts at my recent retreat.


years ago I bought a layered cake and just could not bring myself to cut it up. I would take it out at times and look at it. Finally I saw this video and know what I could make out of my precious Layered Cake without cutting up all the pretty pieces.

Quick fun block.


Can you see why I loved these fabrics ??? I am delighted with my quilt and will use this block again.

I also received some lovely squishies in the mail this month.

My Winter Swap from Lisa.
     004  A pretty cushion.

and a lovely warm scarf.     005

013  Gai’s  and Cheryll’s
Swap Blocks .
Thank you ladies for my gifts.


  1. all are wonderful but OH I LOVE that layer cake quilt! So bright & cheerful! Nice work!

  2. Well done ,Maria !

    You are so busy , thanks for this interesting video , I will try it too !


  3. Aw Maria, those darling little bears are going to make some little Ethiopian children very, very happy! Nothing is better when you are a child than your own little bear to love!

    And oh my.... that 10-minute block is soooo cool! I love the quilt you made using it...the colors are fabulous! Thanks for sharing that!



  4. The squishies are so cute, and the Adorable quilt is totally adorable! You do such a lovely job with al your projects!

  5. What a fabulous idea for a layer cake. I love it! You have received some wonderful squishies lately too.

    Those little bears will really be appreciated. Great job on those and the baby quilts. You have been really busy!!

  6. Hi Maria, Your layer cake quilt looks great. I love the centre of the baby girl quilt. It's so cute!

  7. That is a great idea for a layer cake. I know I will have to try it. You have been really busy lately.

  8. Wonderful.... lots done. I love the quilt made with the layer cake.... and have bookmarked it.... yours is lovely, lovely.. those colours...

  9. O My Goodness Maria- It looks like Christmas at your house with all of those beautiful treasures!

    I don't know what "style" that baby quilt is , but I know I love it when I see it! Someone is going to be so happy to have such a beautiful gift to enjoy!

  10. Lots of lovely finishes for you. Those little bears are so cute.
    Squishy parcels, that would be the best mail.
    Enjoy the new month with all her possibilities.

  11. Your postie is very good to you ::)) what lovely gifts to receive and I LOVE the bright quilt!

  12. I love your layered cake quilt..good to lend to Loris if you hold onto it until the 2013 quilt show.

  13. Loving the block, no wonder you could finally use that layer cake!
    Sew well,
    Ab x

  14. Cute teddies! You are a sweetie!
    Thanks for sharing the layer cake quilt, it is lovely and bright:o)
    You have received some lovely swap goodies too!

  15. Oh, i would love the pattern for those 'teddies' - my grandbaby would love those. The baby quilts are absolutel great - what a wonderful welcome to this life.

    Hugs - Marie

  16. LOVE what you did with the layered cake fabrics... it's beautiful! AND so pretty a pillow..lucky you!
    You had a successful month! :)

  17. Lots of beautiful things on show here.

  18. love your baby quilts. Retreats must be wonderful places!
    That 10 min block tutorial looks so easy! Was it as easy as the video makes it look?
    Your quilt is so lovely and bright.

  19. Lovely swap gifts Lisa made you,very nice


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